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Are any of the Wu-Tang affiliates's albums worth buying?

Cappadonna and Killah Priest sound skilled, but I haven't bought any of their albums, so are any of the affiliates capable of making good albums?

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    Definately check out Killah Priest, he is a lyrical beast. I am a big fan of Rza's work with the Gravediggaz as well.

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    yeah definitely man. i personally love ghostface killah. supreme clientele is amazing. also the GZA's Liquid Swords is tight. Method Man's Tical, Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx, ODB's Return to the 36 chambers. All those are tight! i havent heard any of Cappadonna or Killah Priest's solo albums but they are awesome in the Wu-Tang Clan.

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    I heard the Wu Tang Clan stopped working with (or a few members were unhappy with) Cappadonna because his solo efforts weren't up to scratch.

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    I love old Wu albums! U-god "Golden arms Redemption", Raekwon "Only built for Cuban Linx" and Old Dirty's First album . Oh yeah don't forget Gza"s "Liquid Swords"!!

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