net 10 phones email and connecting motorola w375 to a computer?

what is the email address of net10 so i can email my net 10 phone and recieve it as a text message? (1234567890@_______)

also, my phone is a motorola w375. i'm trying to connect it to my computer to add ringtones and transfer pictures but my computer isn't finding any software for it and it didn't come with any so where can i find the software for free? thanks.

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    Hi there,

    EMAIL AS TEXT: Someone at work asked me this same question on emailing a text message this week. I called net 10 customer service, long hold time by the way.

    Since they are a prepaid company they do not offer email to text.

    But they do offer web message to text, but you have to use their webpage to do it:

    They also offer packages so that you can subscribe to prepay for email services on your phone. Then when you pay for it, they setup an email address for you and a way to access it via your cell phone menu. But you have to have a model of phone that has this built in the menu, and you have to prepay for the email service. I think you choose your email address also - but I didn't ask them that.

    SOFTWARE: According to Motorola..The software is already on your phone, its plug and play - no driver required as long as you have a Windows PC with Windows 98 or higher. SEE THE LINK BELOW and choose the TRANSFER MULTIMEDIA section.

    Open the flip and turn the phone on. From

    the home screen, attach one end of the

    Motorola Original Enhanced USB cable to

    your phone and the other end to a USB port

    on your computer.

    On your phone, press YES to use the phone

    as a portable USB storage device.

    Note: When connected as a storage device

    the phone cannot perform regular phone

    activities. Disconnect to resume

    normal operation.

    Drag and drop fi es between your computer and phone. When you finish, remove the phone safely

    from your computer.

    Right click the Safely Remove Hardware

    icon at the bottom of your computer screen,

    then select USB Mass Storage Device and

    click Stop.

    On the PC, open the My Computer window

    and find where your phone displays as a

    Mass Storage icon.

    Double click the Mass Storage Device icon.

    Select USB Mass Storage Device and

    click OK.

    Now it is safe to disconnect the cable.

    When the cable is disconnected, the

    phone restarts.

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  • 4 years ago

    Motorola w375 totally. It has WAY more features than the LG. It's 20 dollars more. But it's worth it. It also has more games.:D lol Go with the Motorola.;) Hope that helped! ~Lee~

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  • shanan
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    Net 10phones

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