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Do you know a beautiful scenic place where my husband and I can go to sightsee?

We are from Ohio so we don't want to go anywhere too far away. We don't want to go to Gatlinburg because we've been there. We want somewhere West of Ohio.

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    well i was going to tell you to go down to townsend in tennessee, near gatlinburg, but you've been there it says! if you ever go back, make sure to go to cades cove! it's BEAUTIFUL! and you can ride your bike on the bike trail!

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    Kerala is the best place according to me!! The other places you can visit are- 1. Jammu and Kashmir 2. North-eastern states like Manipur, Nagaland, Assam and especially Arunachal Pradesh...they r just wonderful. 3. You can also have a tour of Rajasthan..there are various tourist attractions here. Have a nice and safe tour!!!! Regards Great

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    forget west... come east to NY! I live in Orange county, (which is an hour north of NYC!) and have access to a lot of historical sights:

    You have the Hudson River, West Point, the Intrepid, broadway, there is an old Army base on Lake George, the catskill Mountain, the Pokonos... the list goes on!

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    Go to Land of the Lakes in Southern Kentucky or to Manmoth Cave National Park in Kentucky.If you go to Chicago, there are many things to do.Museum of Science and museum of Natural History just to name two places.

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    Well, I know you said west ...but you should go to Niagara Falls....there is still time to cross into Canada w/o a passport and when you walk up to the Falls it takes your breathe away!!

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    Little Miami Scenic Trail.

    Ton's of website resources if you google it.

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    Yosemite, CA. Waterfalls, mountains,....pretty much everything. It's really beautiful any time of the year. Check it out here

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    I recommend Minneapolis. What a beautiful place, lots to see and do, and it's not too far from you?

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    .......Grand Canyon? I think that's somewhere near Ohio.

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    go to santorini in greece i went there its so amazing

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