Why is U-Haul succesful?

why is 1-800-got junk? succesful?

are there alot of people who throw stuff and move everyday?

i dont know why these business are sucessful, I DONT SEE ALOT OF PPL MOVING OR THROWING STUFF EVERYDAY!

i dont get it. can someone explain from a business perspective please!

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    When you hire a moving company (like Mayflower) you are paying to have someone do all the work. They pack, load the truck, move your stuff and unload it for you. You pay a substantial amount for this service. Many people would rather do it themselves. They want to pack and load and move by themselves. But many people don't have a vehicle large enough to move all your stuff. If you are moving out of town or state, are you supposed to make 24 trips to move? NO! You do it in one big move.

    The company makes money because people move every day whether across town or across country. You don't see many people moving? If you live in a large apt complex, you probably have people moving in and out all the time. You just are not aware of it! U-haul supplies the truck and you do it all yourself but you save a huge amount of $$$.

    1-800-gotjunk is another business that you never see around but is HUGE and successful. In today's world, we buy buy buy so many things. People fill up closets, storage cupboards, attics, basements and garages with stuff and more stuff. Now, you can't park your car in the garage! If you don't want to deal with it, they come and take all your crap so you can start over - buying more stuff to fill in the empty spaces! You would be surprised at how many people have horded so many things, they are overwhelmed. gotjunk fill the need for help in dealing with our excesses and growing piles of stuff!

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