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You know how on newer cars, the dome light goes off 30 secconds after you turn the car off?

How would i do that?

I have a little seat belt warning light i want to put in my truck that does that. But i want it to turn off thirty secconds after i start the car.


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    You could use a 12VDC timer, but finding an electric timer that runs off of 12V is hard to come by (24VDC is common for industrial/automation).

    Another idea is to use a larger capacitor. This may not produce the result you want, the light would start out bright, but dim to nothing over a certain amount of time, depending on the size of the capacitor.

    Go to Radio Shack, and ask those guys if they have anything in all their little drawers for a timer or timing relay (Time-on delay) that could be powered off of 12VDC.

    Good luck... I looked for a timer online awhile back, and didn't find anything, but didn't put too much effort into it either

    Oh yeah, I have seen many seatbelt lights that stay on for a short period of time after the vehicle has been started, and some that stay illuminated till the seat belt is buckled.

    Source(s): EE specializing in Automated Control Systems
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    If you notice there are no sensors or switches on the door. However there is a linkage on the drivers door. and they all go into the door. Sometimes a good slam of the doors helps. It is usually the drivers door. But make sure you wave at the neighbors wondering why the heck you are slamming your doors. If that fails pull the bulb not the fuse fuses do more than the lights. Is yours new enough to show which door is ajar.......I thought we were taking about doors not jars.... Oh geez there goes the oldtimers disease.. Anyway you might pull the front panels and check the switches or as the non-talented suggest, take it to t repair shop.

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    I have yet to see one that stays on after you start the veh. I have worked for a dealer for many years and none of us have heard of it. Allmost all of them shut off right after you start the veh, sorry.

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  • john m
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    why would you want a seatbelt warning light in tha trunk? are you gonna ride in tha trunk?

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