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Will public speaking help overcome shyness?

Im starting college this year and want to take public speaking. When I tell people im very shy, they say take public speaking, it will work wonders for you. Right now im painfully shy and want to know if this really will help me a lot? Any experience or comments are appreciated

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  • Simmi
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    I took it and yes, it did help. Even doing the class was very stressful for me, but I gradually became more open as a result of taking that class. I also ended up doing quite a bit of public speaking later. It worked out.

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    It is all up to you. For some people, it just causes them great distress. Most likely, if you have been shy your entire life, it will not help. It will just make you dread that class, maybe even get an ulcer.

    However, if you make up your mind that this is a new day, a new life, a new chance, then you can do it, Make sure you have some ideas of what to do in speech, always be prepared. It will return you to your shyness if you don't have any idea what you are doing or if you are hating the class.


    Good Luck, i really help this works or ya.

  • Allisa
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    4 years ago

    yes and no. It works for some people and not for others. I am extremely shy, but I love public speaking. It hasn't help me overcome my shyness with one on one interactions. But if you are only shy around large groups or if public speaking bothers you, then facing that will help.

  • Anonymous
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    I was in the same boat my first year of college.

    I took this HORRIBLE public speaking class with a bad teacher who didn't like me. I didn't like her and she didn't like me.

    When the first speech came around I was really nervous. So, I picked a topic that I really love - extreme body modification - and wrote out a a beautiful, thoughtful, and interesting speech. The whole class was involved with what I was saying; they laughed and smiled. It was perfect.

    After that I had no trouble getting up in front of the class. I had to retake the class because she failed me so when the second time came around, but I was completely prepared and never nervous.

    The tips that I can give are to drink a lot of water before you go on so you enunciate properly and don't have to worry about sticky mouth.

    Also, like I did, choose a topic that you enjoy talking about. If you don't then you'll have a reason to be shy - because you don't know or care about what you're talking about.

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    I really do agree. Public speaking can make you comfortable around strangers. Right now, you're concerned and afraid for what people might do or say but when you do speak publicly, People will listen to what you have to say. Your mind exaggerates thoughts because you havent experienced that situation yet.

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    Absolutely! This is how my wife cured herself of what was a horrible, consuming irrational fear of public speaking. She voluntered to give a speech before a whole class at her work! (Actually it was a powerpoint presentation.)

    Facing your fears straight on has got to be the best way to conquer them.

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    yeah of course it will, to begin with look at the wall behind all the people, like focus on something else... It's easier to start speaking with confidence then when you feel confident enough then look at everyone...

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