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The Wedding Singer!?

In the film the wedding singer theres a bit where julia visits adam sandlers house n finds his fiance at the door...what songs playing at that point and who's it by? Thanks! x

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    I just popped my copy of The Wedding Singer in my VCR and fast forwarded to that particular scene, and there were only a few bars of a partial song played at the point where Linda slams the door in Julia's face. Did you mean to identify those few bars of a possible song?? Linda sings a couple lines of "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by George Michael in the very next scene.

    Source(s): I checked the soundtrack at IMDB and the song that the first responder suggests isn't included in the soundtrack.
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    This is as close as I could get:

    Album Tracklist

    1. Video Killed The Radio Star - The Presidents Of The United States Of America [3:21]

    2. Do You Really Want To Hurt Me - Culture Club [4:19]

    3. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - The Police [4:18]

    4. How Soon Is Now? - The Smiths [6:41]

    5. Love My Way - The Psychedelic Furs [3:30]

    6. Hold Me Now - The Thompson Twins [4:44]

    7. Everyday I Write The Book - Elvis Costello [3:51]

    8. White Wedding - Billy Idol [4:09]

    9. China Girl - David Bowie [5:28]

    10. Blue Monday - New Order [7:25]

    11. Pass The Dutchie - Musical Youth [3:23]

    12. Have You Written Anything Lately? [0:26]

    13. Somebody Kill Me - Adam Sandler [1:52]

    14. Rappers Delight - Ellen Dow/Sugarhill Gang [4:26]

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    Tainted Love

    Soft Cell

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