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Can you get any STD from oral sex besides herpes?

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    Yes! You can get gonorrhea on your tonsils (not pretty, I've seen it.) HPV, the virus that causes warts, can also be contracted. HIV is possible, but less common.

    You should use protection (condoms or dental dam) when engaging in oral sex. There are flavored forms, which are recommended since latex can taste awful. You can also incorporate in flavored lubricants with regular condoms if you don't have the flavored kind.

    Good Luck, and Be Careful!

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    To the guy straight away above me, you're so incorrect my buddy. chilly sores are merely oral herpes with a greater socially ideal call. you may maximum unquestionably supply somebody genital herpes by oral intercourse. whether or no longer a sore is cutting-edge it continues to be possible to transmit the virus. don't be in denial which you're donning a contagious incurable virus merely as a results of fact it does no longer have the stigma of genital herpes. Be to blame. Chlamydia, AIDS (the HIV virus may be exceeded to you thru tiny cuts or sores on your mouth.) i think of you may incredibly plenty get any STI from oral intercourse. that's why they make flavored condoms and dental dams. Use them.

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    Yes you can!

    who wrote no is an idiot!

    you can get all kinds! for example gential warts (HPV) in the throat, rare but it can happen. Remeber most STD's are spread through skin to skin contact.

    Best advice go to the doc with your partner get checked if you both are clean, oral sex away!!! Enjoy!

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    yes, you can get every type of std out there from oral sex. dont believe the idiot that told you no!!!

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    ghonorea and syphillis can be contracted through oral sex. so use condoms even for oral sex.

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    Yes of course you can get herpes, gonorreha, and if they nut if ur mouth you can get AIDS

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