Is marijuana a harmfull drug?

Absolutly not. Marijuana is not even a drug, it's grown out of the ground and needs sunlight, soil, and water inorder to live. Drugs use a certain substance extracted from a plant, but in order to produce the drug harmful chemicals are used. My knowledge has been expanded since I started smoking. It is physically impossible to become addicted and there has never been an OD from marijuana use. It's actually quite sad that the government is soo afraid of marijuana. Hemp from the marijuana plant can replace cotton, which needs a lot of water to grow healthily. And oils from the cannabis seed can replace the quickly diminishing oil that we are fighting and dieing for in the mid east. Marijuana can be harmful to your lungs, but that is what vaporizers are for. Personally smoking marijuana has no effect on my athletic abilities. It has expanded my mind in ways i couldn't imagine. Please give me feed back on your opinion and thought about marijuana.

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    ok, ive recently done a massive amount of research on the subject (huge 12 page report)

    so ill throw in the basic points here

    not really a question but i agree with you for the most part. but as good as it is, it can have its downsides. the potential good can be obtained from research, but the only way to really understand the bad side is to experience it. the main point here is that as long as its a recreational activity and not a life style, theres no true harm. but its a thin line.

    its impossible to become PHYSICALLY addicted... weed is very harmful, just not from a health point of view, but from a legal view.... currently im in rehab for the stuff, even though i quit five months ago... out of like thirty people in there with me theres about two or three that are addicted mentally. you can quit anytime you want to. absolutly true. but what if you dont want to? use is fine but abuse is very bad. weed is illegal, not because its bad, but because its a gateway drug. everyone that has ever smoked knows how wonderful it is. if your an adult with a good job and the weed has no conflict with that then there is absoultly no problem. thats the only problem. you might stay stable, but you wont move up in life, and it wont seem to matter to you. but there will come a time when you'll encounter some problems, i.e. harder drugs or being arrested. its actually a cause and effect, of course harder drugs will make getting caught more serious, but its the other way around too. now im just 17, so the court took it easy on me, but rehab is still a big problem. since im a miner, it took them five months to get me into rehab, buy then i was clean. still, i have to go three nights a week for three months on OP. thats the lowest level you can get. now IOP is five nights a week, which, depending on times, can eaisly cost you your job. it might be different, depending on where your treatment is, how sever, and what its for. but even worse than that is residential, which is where you have to LIVE at a treatment center for a while... and then theres always jail. (little tip, if you go for an assement, stay clean and lie your *** off)... its a downward spiral... which brings up harder drugs. if you have a drug ABUSE problem, not a "lets party problem", but a "blunt in the morning, blunt in the evening, blunt at supper time, blunt anytime" problem, it makes sobreity almost impossible. detox for thc can take from two weeks to two months (urine tests have gotten better), and staying intoxicated all the time can cause sobreity to seem like a major culture shock. which is where cocain (detox for single use, 1-3 days) comes in. two or three uses and your clean over the weekend. to beat UAs you'll probably end up starting a cycle going from coke to meth and amphetamines (adderall, which are really fun and addictive) all of which take 1-3 days for isolated single uses. then theres acid and shrooms, which detox in 8 hours, and are can only be tested by expensive tests, which are not used unless you get caught with acid/shrooms. most opiates are about two days al well. (morphiene varys greatly, usually not worth the risk)... then there are the "true problem" drugs... these include things like dxm and inhalents. dxm is cough syrup, which is legal to buy (triple c WILL kill you if you take enough to actually see things) and since robotussin is legal, even if detected, they cant do anything about it. inhalents are another story... im not even gonna list any of them because they are really bad. ether... i tried ether once... i freaked out... there was this sort of "industrial" high with it... i saw and thought terrible things, even on weed, its not smart to think too hard about things like "wouldn't it be wierd if this was just a dream" or "since there are so many religions, doesn't that mean ill go to hell if even one is right?" sober these are just rhetorical questions, but on ether i almost killed myself to find out...

    thats the harmfull part of weed, or drugs in general... each experience is different from the next. everything ive said ive seen or been some part of. this, however, is just a collection of the bad things ive seen, there are way to many good stories to go on about. its all good as long as you dont over-do it... getting caught seems like a small issue, but ive seen too many go down a bad road...

    but back to the positive, and what you have stated. yes, technically it is not a drug, which is an assumed reason to its illegality, the FDA cannot tax a plant. also the drug extracted from weed is marinol, and from what ive heard its not prescribed often. it is impossible to overdose on weed by smoking it. an overdose occurs when you consume at least 40,000X the amount of thc needed to get high, the canniboids will knock you out well before that. the government has classified weed as a schedule 1 drug, which is the most restricted catagory, even though it does NOT fit any requirements for that catagory. funny, cocain and pcp are schedule 2, so they can prescribe crack before they can prescribe weed. Hemp is widely illegal, probably because they government is trying to protect the cotten/polyester industry. although im not sure how it would affect the economy, hemp is an amazing compound. uses as paper, plastics, cosmetics, and virtually anything else i can think of. i dont know how much of the war in the mid-east is for oil, not trying to be political, but its not in any way shape or form about oil... which means we really need an alternate source, the best and safest methods are bio-fuels, and suprisingly nuclear power. Hemp is an extremely good fuel source, providing more energy than any other bio-fuel out there... harmful to you lungs... this is something ive looked into alot. most government extensions try to hide this, but it has basically been proven that marijuana does not cause lung cancer, even for heavy smokers who have smoked upwards of 22,000 joint in their life are at the same risk as nonsmokers. studys show that thc has antitumor propertys. the us government will only accept this when their studys show the same results, and if you are familliar with the marijuana stamp act, it wont happen anytime soon. to my memory, thc burns at about 400F, so a bong is the safest way to go. and besides, a bong is just cooler to smoke out of than a lightbulb with a heater... athletics can go both ways, being high can mess with your your alertness and adrinaline, so you'll either be playing like michael jordan, or michael moore...

    basically the arguments for and against leagalisation are at a stalemate. prohibition has failed, look at the whole dam country but highly restricted, free use, has suprisingly resluted in nothing but good. look at the netherlands, mainly the capitol city, Amsterdam. you can purchase up to five grams a day from any one place. personal use is fully legal. yet by %population, more americans smoke weed, do any other drugs, commit crimes, kill people... the only negative things i have seen (as written above) result from its illegal status. Amsterdam is a prime example of why it needs to be leagal, even if with strong restrictions... you have a 1 in 2 chance of being hit by a drunk driver sometime in you life, whats the rate for high drivers? i dont know, i cant find it... actually, this is the only site when ive found that question posed. it can take more than 1 dui to get a suspended license, but 1 pipe carries a mandatory 6 month suspension. and if that doesnt show how well the laws work, being a teenager, alcohol is something weare all trying to get all the time, and ive found thats its about twenty times harder to get a beer than it is weed..

    this is the jist of what i wrote as an essay. i got an excellent review so i imagine it should fully explain my views on mary jane...

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    How is this a question? First of all, it may be one of the lesser "harmful" drugs, but it is still a drug. If you get "bad" marijuana, you could have a seizure or a really bad trip. Of course, that's not always the case, but it doesn't mean that it is completely harmless. No drug out there is completely harmless, no, it may not be "addictive" and so what if it's grown on the earth, so are poppy seeds, which is found in Opium. You take a risk with anything you ingest like that.

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    Marijuana became illegal in the 60's because of it's popularity in the counterculture movement and hype that it caused african americans to rape white women, sounds silly but its true. There is no potential for physical addiction, but there is a small percentage of people who become psychologically addicted. This drug ranks highest in the federal drug schedule and carries the highest penalty for possession and distribution. The DEA schedule is based on meidcal use, those with none are scheduled 1 and are considered to be the "most dangerous." 11 states today consider pot to be useful medically as a pain killer and apetitie stimulant. So there is much debate.

    If this drug makes your life better and it is not harming you currently or has the potential to harm you or anyone else in the future, smoke up. Consider that it is illegal most places, and getting caught with it could negatively impact your future.

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    I agree with you. Marijuana did not make me into a lazy bum, it did not send me to the hospital, it did not make me send anyone to the hospital, it did not turn me into a retard, it did not make me do heroin, it did not make me crave sex, it did not cause me to interfere with anyone else's rights,

    What is has done is make me eat until i am sick, laugh until i cry, fall into a great sleep, relax and expand my mind in ways i would never have believed. I can also go days (forever if i had to) without the herb. It is a life enhancer not life destroyer if used responsibly, just like alcohol only better in so many ways.

    some people who have so many problems in their own life can easily use marijuana as an excuse to give up. when in all actuality it can also be what pushes people to success. my love and myself included because we can not sleep well after school and work at night. After such a stressful day you need something to come home to that will relax you beyond belief, and also to laugh your tired butt off. Its always a great ending to a bad day with marijuana :) can't go wrong

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    Dude I totally agree with you. But I think the reason the government is so afraid of marijuana is because it becomes a dangerous "drug" when people use it then drive. It relaxes the brain and causes you to act differently. So I think their comparing it to drinking and driving. And from experience, I've been in a accident from being high and driving. But the government should do what their doing with alcohol. Make smoking weed legal but make driving high illegal.

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    using your own reasoning-i can assure you that the ganj will never be legalized because it is too threatening to the oil industry, textile industry, and agribusiness.

    you also negate your claim that it is harmless, i believe you said- "that is what vaporizers are for". okay-so now we are using a man made machine to assist/support our breathing?!!!

    truth; most hard drug addicts got their start with marijuana & booze.

    truth; addiction has 3 components---1 physical (which you claim weed is not physically addicting),

    2 mental/psychological, 3 spiritual (you do not address #2&3 at all) failure to acknowledge them does not negate their existance!

    paranoid gov't angle; booze & tobacco are legal yet weed is not,...why???could it be that the manufacturers of booze n ciggies dont want the legitimate competition? is it possible that our nation would lose alot of reason for international meddling if weed was legal?

    is it possible that making weed legal could devastate the world economy & legitimize druglords?

    you sure dont seem to think very deep on your own,....were you always this way-or did it occur after you began tokin it up?

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    I can tell your'e a toker. Not by your name but your question. Marijuanna is a drug. It slows your reflexes, lowers inhibitions leasding to more powerful drugs, unprotected sex and other bad decsions. Yes it feels good to get a buzz but get over it dude. I sure we will be driving Cheech and Chong "Bud Cars" next week. Over time Mary Jane kills brain cells and read a good book to expand your mind.

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    This is a pointless 'question'. The only reason why you could possibly call it a question is because you asked for feedback at the end.

    You basically just told us your views on why weed isn't harmful, and isn't a drug.

    Stop trying to force your opinions on others...if you're going to ask our input on the issue, don't share your version of it.

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    Montel says its not he uses it daily for pain so I would Say no The only reason its not legal is uncle sam cannot figure a way to make money off it except by fines and court cost

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