What to do??????? I nees some real help?

i just turned 18 and my boyfriend of five years ask me to marry him i love him and i want to get married but every one says im to young what do yall think i just want some feed back please help we are going to dinner tonight and i think he will ask again


he is 19 and i already live with him

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    Ok sweetheart - listen very carefully to me - do what is best for you. Don't let anyone else influence your decision.

    My husband and I have been married for 3 years this august and we went through the exact same thing. We got engaged when I was 17 and got married THE DAY AFTER I turned 18. We would have gotten married a lot sooner but my parents wouldn't sign the paper for that because they - like everyone else thought that we were too young.

    No one else can make the right decision for you. If you want to get married then do it, its your choice.

    Source(s): I went through the exact same thing girl, I know what I'm talking about.
  • Marina
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    You're too young. Your boyfriend of five years? You're kids, with no sense of what it takes to make an ADULT relationship work. Marriage is not for kids, it's for grown ups. If your relationship is fantastical, stay in it for three more years and then talk engagement. You can't support yourselves right now, so how can you get married? A spoken commitment between the two of you is as good as engagement if your intentions are true. WAIT! Go to college, become a whole and mature woman with a clear idea of who you are and what you want and do not want. You may find you want a whole new guy during that growth period. Wait. There is plenty of time!

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    well everyone can say you are too young, and for the most part I agree, but it really depends on you maturity. I have not seen many marriages work out when people marry young. But whos to say it won't work out. How long have you lived with him? How does he treat you? Things tend to change after marriage, and are you willing to work hard everyday to make it work? you have too look deep inside and ask yourself, do you love this man and can you see yourself with him forever? will be be a good father? Is he a hard worker, or does he have a hard time keeping a job? Becasue money isn't the most important thing, it will cause tough times in a marriage.

    Just take a step outside the box and look at everything, good and bad. You will know whats right.

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    I got married young, and in my opinion it just doesnt work out. From 18 and up are crucial years. You will both be growing and maturing even more. Youll be figuring out who you truly are. If you love each other, get engaged but dont set a date. Finish college, get careers, then after all that if you are still together, get married :) Good luck to you!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I would say that if you Love him and he loves you then why not live together for a couple years make sure you know everything about him and living together is a good way to find out and if you think about it if you wait a couple years that gives you time to save for the wedding. If you are both truly in LOVE waiting a couple years will not hurt anything only make it better.

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    If you were sure you wanted to get married you wouldn't be concerned about what your friends say and you wouldn't even have to ask the question. That makes me think you really don't want to get married quite yet. I suggest telling your BF that while you love him you are not ready to take that step at your age.

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    I got married at 18.

    We've been married for 38 years.

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    Do what's right for you darlin. Don't let something you want pass you by just because of the advice you're receiving. If you want to marry him, accept. That doesn't mean you guys have to get married right away.

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    the biggest problem with young relationships is the what if thing. you marry right off, and you start wondering what other guys are like, or what would you have been like if you didnt marry. my advice is to do some living first.

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    That is young but do what you feel is right. Maybe you could just tell him you want to wait until you're 21 & finish with school.

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