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How can one be an American patriot and a Christian?

Jesus preached about caring for the weak and helping others

The American way is to care about your self and only you’re self.

A true Christian should be pro welfare country but America is a dog eat dog country

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    Unrestrained capitalism would seem to be antithetical to the essential spirit of Christianity: compassion, humility, and service with a bias toward the poor and outcast. Jesus stated that the love of money is the root of all evil and that it is extremely hard for a rich man to enter heaven. Jesus recognized capital as an effective tool for good but condemned it as an end in itself.

    America and capitalism are not synonymous, despite what Wall Street would have us believe. America was believed to be exceptional because, unlike its European parents, it promoted the dignity and worth of the individual. Before that, the interests of the community were usually synonymous with the interests of the king. The American Revolution effectively established the right of the community to self-determination free of the control of dynasties, armies and wealth.

    Naturally these old powers do not roll over and die. Money and intimidation constantly try to reasert themselves by reframing basic concepts. The dignity of the individual is transformed into the doctrine of rugged individualism and self-reliance, concepts that are most advantageous to those who already have the most resources. Goverment by the people is recast as an oppressive obstacle to self-assertion, forgetting the difference between democracy and autocracy.

    By listening to these false arguments, most Americans are deluded into working against their own best interests. Thanks to those time-proven tools, fear and ignorance, the rich and powerful convince people that any attempt to address the institutional injustices of capitalism is an assault on their personal freedom. As people become more isolated, estranged and competitive with each other, any notion of community is systematically destroyed. It's everyone for themselves and devil take those who are too careless or "lazy" to not have marshalled the resources to care for themselves (even if they've never been allowed an opportunity to do so).

    Increasingly, power flows to those who already have the money and the power, effectively re-establishing a class of latter-day nobles. The middle class disappears and the poor serve the pleasure of their masters, either as servants, prisoners or guards.

    It doesn't have to end up that way. By applying true Christian principles, people can re-establish the idea of a common interest. But the opposition is powerful. It easily throws up bogus issues (baby-killing! special rights for homosexuals!) to divide and distract Christians from their deepest ideals. To overcome the flack requires systematic thought, something uncomfortably time-consuming and unfamiliar to the average citizen. It requires interpreting the "news" that mega-corporations control, fact-checking the speeches that corporate-controlled politicians deliver, finding an alternative, Christian voice and voting intelligently.

    Patriotism means caring for and preserving what is noble about one's country. It is NOT blind obedience to the dictates and pronouncements of its leaders. Facile pseudo-patriots like to quote the phrase, "My country, right or wrong," but they distort its meaning. "My country" does NOT mean I accept its actions uncritically. It means I am responsible for it even when it errs.

    Unfortunately, responsibility has always been a surprisingly hard sell to the most rabid individualists. Their "self-reliance" only applies until they get themselves in trouble. Then, for some unfathomable reason, the evil government owes them a bailout. How this same rule does not apply to those who never had a pile of money to start with is a great mystery. A true Christian patriot would get to the bottom of it and restore justice.

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    The american way is to work hard and make wise choices and you can succeed since we have a gvt and an economic system that supports the individuals efforts.

    Religious freedom and the rights protected under the Constitution is worth protecting. This nations Constitution is worth preserving. Christ never said that we should suffer under oppression. We should be supportive of gvts that offer its people the types of freedoms we all enjoy, esp the freedom to worship God as we wish.

    The american culture is very much into charity work and donating to charity.

    You can succeed honestly and help others on the way and once you are there.

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    Oh, there are plenty of issues where conservative christians are very un-American. Like all tax-paying citizens having the same rights, marriage rights need to be extended to all citizens. It's funny, they are all about their own personal freedom, but they find no problem in denying those rights to another. Legalizing dangerous drugs? Like what? Pot? Alcohol is FAR more dangerous. I don't think anyone thinks it is a good idea to murder babies, except for cartoon villains. I do agree with conservatives on immigration though, there are rules and they must be followed.

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    Difficult isnt it?

    The very idea of nations and govenrments goes agains everything Jesus taught.

    But dont think all Americans think the same, we dont of course. That is what makes this country work, a balance and consensus of opinions.

    That being said I am an American and I am patriotic, you have to try and balance your love of country and compassion for your fellow humans.

    Call me bleeding heart liberal if you will, I dont see it as a bad thing, Jesus would be called the same were he here today.

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    It's mutually exclusive.

    Ask a Christian, their loyalty first and only, is to their God.

    How, then, can they be a patriot, too?

    Or do they have magic powers that mean they can be two people at once?

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    Americans give more to charity than all other nations combined. This is what is taught in the Bible. We should work hard and give to those less fortunate.

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    You have obviously never left the country and seen real poverty.

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    He also said don't help those that wont help themselves. most welfare recipients WONT take care of themselves, not because they cant. there is a big difference.

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    definitely, I believe in freedom, before any oppressive gods...

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