What is the position of Ahl'l Sunnah wa al Jama'a on Imam of the Wahhabi/Salafi ibn Taymeeya ?

Lets see what the Ahl'ul Sunnah scholars say about this hypocrite that is so loved by Wahhabis ans salafis (Nawasib):

Ibne Hajar in Fatawa al Hadeesa page 86 on Ibn Taymeeya says:

"Ibn Taymeeya is such a man that may God disgrace him, lead him astray, blind him and make him dumb"

In Al Badr ul Thalay page 67 Volume 1 Muhammad Shawkani states:

"Maliki Judge Ibn Mukhlauf gave a fatwa that Ibn Taymeeya if not killed should be confined for the rest of his life, Ibn Taymeeya's kufr was then proven and it was declared in Damascus 'Whoever followers Ibn T aym,eys it is permissible to kill him and take his property".

We read in Jahar Munazzam Fi Ziyarath ai Kubra al Mukurrum taken from Isthaksa page 264:

"Ibn Hajr Makki condemned Ibn Taymeeya saying "How can we rely on him on matters of Deen? This Ibn Taymeeys is a misled person and God had cloaked him in disgrace, the Ulema of the time demaded that he be killed, or imprisoned, the Kings imprisoned him and he died in jail"

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    He was a great scholar of Islam. If he made any mistakes it is up to Allah to deal with him. What would defaming him benefit anyone. I have never heard of this shawkani person.

    Ibn taymiah is considered by ahl alsunnah in general as great scholar.

    Brother, why don't you stop your line of questions to divide muslims. Let's not discuss the past or worry about certain people. If we all believe in Allah and Muhammad as his messenger this should unite us. If we differ about something we should refer it back to the Quran and Hadith as we are instructed in the Quran. I am personally very tired of the Shia Sunni fights and endless arguing. Just accept that we are all muslims and we have our differences. Each one can explain their point of view respectfully.

    Source(s): Just a Muslim who follows Quran and Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH.
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    I dont care what they say i didnt actualy read it i couldnt be botherd. All I know is read the Quran and sunnah, do the five pillars of Islam and Beleif, respect aal al bayt and the Sahaba for what they did to deliver us the message

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    I agree with mtk7. Just follow the Quran , Prophet (P.B.U.H) and his Ahlal-Bayt.

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    what each of us must do is love Allah and follow prophet.follow the way of life and character.be regular in our prayer stay away from sins.repent.may allah give me you and all manking tawfiq for amal.please give peace

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    what? could you ask this question in English?

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