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I read in Yahoo Answers that Yahoo is purposly not updating the homepage because it wants me to switch to beta

Some of the modules in my yahoo don't update. It's the same story that was on there a week ago. Even my horoscope remains the same. I read in yahoo answers that yahoo wants to make everybody switch to beta and they are purposly making the page not update to force you to switch. Is this true?

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    ...well OK !! *** FEEDS ***

    I've been frustrated at YaHoo's inability or reluctance to fix this. The solutions suggested just didn't work. 1st off, the "update rate" option is only available on your "My YaHoo" pg. if, or after, you have created a 2nd pg.

    Secondly, that still didn't work ... I, like most, had no clue as to where to look in IE (also a YaHoo suggestion) but ... Here It Is : IE and click Properties

    Click 'content tab'

    Next to 'Feeds'(bottom) click 'Settings'

    Chk. box to "Automatically Chk. for Updates"

    Choose how often ... Whallah !!!!!!!!

    This worked for me in XP ... I don't know why YaHoo assumes we are all 'geeks'(not bad if U are) and seem unwilling to provide answers per, and specific to ea. Operating System (OS) :)

    Source(s): Just did it :)
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  • I had been having this problem on my home computer for more than a week, but the my yahoo page had been working normally on my work computer. Today it stopped updating at work as well... I've tried all of the "fixes" (F5 hard refresh, clearing cache, deleting temp files/cookies) and none of it does anything to solve the problem.

    I've done a little research, and found that it seems like everyone who has not switched to the new beta version is having the same problem. The one thing that confuses me though is that it was fine till today on my work computer. My home computer hasn't updated in over a week. Could it be the different ISP or something?

    Regardless... I'm going to give them another week or so, and if it's not resolved, I'm switching to iGoogle. I'm not crazy about iGoogle either, but I WILL NOT let yahoo, passive aggressively, force me to make a change I don't want to make. I've been loyal to Yahoo in having them as my start page for over 8 years now -- and this is how I'm being treated? If anyone @ yahoo is listening (I doubt it!) Once I switch -- I'M NOT COMING BACK! Not for searches... not for email... not for anything!

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    i have been having the same problem for over a week now and the beta thing is the best answer so far. i tried the beta when it first came out and it took only 2 days before i switched back to the better origional version

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