Fellow Mormons- am I callous?

Maybe I'm callous, but I don't feel a lot of sorrow at the news of President Hinkley's death. Yes, I think he was pretty darn great. Yes, I'll miss his voice in Conference.....

But to think of where he is now, what he's doing now-- I'm not particularly sad.

I felt the same way when my grandmother died. I felt more sorry for my grandfather- that he was now alone.

And again after September 11- I didn't feel any sorrow for the dead. I knew where they were, I know that they're happy, safe, with Father... I DID feel a lot of sorrow and compassion for the ones they left behind- those who lost loved ones in the Towers, especially those who didn't know Father's plan.

Does this make me callous?


Someone asked when he died-

Sunday, 27 January, 2008, about 7pm, MST

Update 2:

Captain- I think that's exactly what bothers me. Society says that we're supposed to be sad for people who die.... but I'm not. I think the sorrow I feel at a funeral is more a pity-party-- I feel sorry for myself that I'm going to miss them.

But I don't feel any sorrow in the least for the dead- Whatever they've earned in life, they're getting, and how can I feel sorrow if a righteous man is happy?... (or if an evil man is miserable?)

Or how can I be truly broken-hearted knowing that I'll see them again?....

Update 3:


"Homecoming"-- YES!! I like that!!!

My mom commented after September 11- "Can you imagine the welcome home party??!? WOW!"

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    Not callous, no. Its difficult to describe to people our outlook on death. Sure, i feel for his family and those he left behind but he is in a FAR FAR better place. Still labouring away on the other side of the veil.

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    A hundred and fifty years ago many churches had a rationale to explain racial differences. Some of these myths adopted by individual Mormons, and taught as doctrine. There was no true basis in scripture for this. These excuses do not apply and never applied. What I find remarkable is how the hand of the Lord was upon the Church to bring about change. The Church endorsed civil rights in the 1960s. The Prophet with the full support of the Quorum of the Twelve extended the Priesthood and temple blessing to all members. Why not sooner is the real question. The only answer I have heard was that we were not ready. Heavenly Father had a time table. When we, the members, were prepared to to live a higher law, it was given to us.

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    I have the same feelings. I've always seen death differently than others. I had sort of a special talk with God about death when I was about 11, when my Grandfather died. We got a phone call at night and I heard my parents talking before they came in and told me. Anyway, it's always stuck with me.

    I felt for him when Sister Hinckley died several years ago and wondered how he was handling it. And while I feel for his family, I'm not sad for him I'm actually happy for him and Sister Hinckley - they are together forever.

    Not day before yesterday Saturday, but a week ago, my Stake (and maybe even temple district) had a special meeting with ...Elder... (I forget who, our new regional rep - it used to be Stuckey) anyway this Brother was in a meeting with the 12 and President Hinckley the week before and he said that President Hinckley didn't look very well. He asked the Brethren and some said that this was the first time they had ever been worried about him. He was starting to forget things. That's what my Bishop said. Anyway, I think it's just amazing how the Lord will preserve the life of His mouthpiece as long as He deems necessary. I remember people saying that back when President Hunter was Elder Hunter that he was practically at death's door for months then he started to improve at a remarkable rate and was more like his old self. Then President Benson died, and Elder Hunter became President Hunter. It was remarkable. And here President Hinckley was at 97 still his same old cheerful, full of energy, self right up until the last few weeks of his life. It's remarkable. I will miss him at conference, but I think we all looked at the last few General Conferences as among our last with him (for a while anyway). ...Ya' know, it just occured to me that our lesson in RS yesterday was from his Priesthood talk on Anger. I'm so glad the church is organized the way it is, and we don't have to wonder who the next President will be.

    So, no, I don't think your callous. I think that you and I just understand what life is. And how death is part of life and where he is right now. I wonder if we'll recognize him when we're on the other side? I doubt very much that he saw himself as the old man that we all loved. I know I don't see myself as my current outward appearance is now. :)

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    It is so funny that you ask this question because I was having the same thoughts this morning. I will miss the wonderful talks that President Hinckley gives and his wonderful words and advice, but I am not sad at where he is now. I think about how long he lived without his wife and it makes me happy that they are together again. It makes me happy to think of all the great things he is doing now. When I thought of those things, I realized that I think it's ok to not feel lots of sorrow. He lived a wonderful life and was a blessing to many people's lives. Now his work is done on earth and he is finally home.

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    I feel the same way!!! The only reason I am upset is selfish reasons. I get emotional when I think of his "homecoming", but because it's such a happy thought.

    I imagine him showing up in "heaven" as a younger guy, full of life, smiling and joking (you know how he was!!), and then seeing dear sweet Marjory standing their waiting for him. Imagine the hug!!!! (Are you crying yet?) Then I imagine Christ hanging back a bit until their hellos are done, then Him coming up and giving him a huge hug, with a huge smile on His face. Then I imagine Pres. Hinckley saying to Christ "I have returned from my mission with honor!!" And Christ saying "Well done, my great and faithful servant!". How wonderful!!! Kinda makes you want to do better in life, doesn't it?

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    If we truly believe that the next life will be much greater than this one, and if we believe that we will receive our eternal rest in the life to come, if a very real sense death is cause to rejoice and to celebrate. The mortal probation and test that this life is, is now over and complete for the dearly deceased. They have returned home to the God who gave them life. It must be a grand reunion for President Hinckley; a time to be with his beloved wife and family again.

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    I don't think you are callous. I am not sad either, what is there to be sad about. He is with his darling wife, he led a good life, he was 97, he isn't leaving young children without a father. Yes, I will miss him, but I am not sad.

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    I understand where you're coming from - I will surely miss his sweet humor and the personality this great man brought to the calling and will treasure many of his words all my life -- and my heart is full at the thought of the greetings which took place not only between husband & wife, but son to father and grandfather -- and also honorable prophet and faithful servant to his Savior.

    Till we meet again, at our Savior's feet...

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    I'm not Mormon, but I think I understand where you're coming from. My grandmother was almost 96 when she died. She outlived ALL her siblings and friends, was lonely for people her own age (which even the best-meaning children and grandchildren can't provide), and was in and out of the hospital with congestive heart failure. She said any number of times that she was ready to go, and I believed her. Whether you believe in a heaven or not, I know that she's no longer suffering, and that's what matters to me.

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    I feel EXACTLY the same way. I was thinking about it this morning. I'm simply not grieving for Pres. Hinckley. He was a prophet of God and angels are rejoicing at his homecoming. Yes - I feel for his family left behind, but this is a joyous event.

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