Can anyone recommend a city in Europe to go for a weekend?

Somewhere things to do sights to see and nightlife?thanx

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    My favorite European city is London. I've also been to Paris, Berlin and Prague, and London rated the best for my family and I.

    I was too young to try the "nightlife", but I'm certain there is plenty of it!

    The must-see attractions are probably:

    Palace of Westminster (and Big Ben)

    London Eye observation wheel

    Buckingham Palace

    Tower of London

    Lots of museums and art galleries, etc.

  • Spike
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    1 decade ago

    Hi, I saw a TV programme which searched for the top city in the world to have a weekend break in. 2nd place was Paris, which i wouldnt recommend. Its basically a smaller and less interesting version of London. The winner which i really would go for is Barcelona in Spain. The nightlife is legendary. It starts slowly then really kicks off around midnight. You have all the bars and restaurants of the old town and loads of culture too. In the morning head down to the beach to sleep it off........who needs a hotel?

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    I vote for Barcelona and Amsterdam, great nightlife and cultural things to see and do during daylight... I would also say Vienna, but the nightlife isn't as great...

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    By personal travelling experience, I would highly recommend three destinations for your trip to Europe.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    The 5th busiest tourist destination in Europe promises a unique experience to any diligent tourist. The melting pot of cultural and artistic development throughout the ages have always been a favourite of those interested in the beautiful architecture and absolutely enchanting landscapes of this city. The hometown of famed artist Rembrandt has developed into one of the most liberal and open-minded communities. With a legal tolerance towards many recreational drugs and taboo activities, Amsterdam is most famous for its unwritten legalization of marijuana. Although technically still illegal, the government does not enforce nor prohibits personal consumption of any drugs for that matter. Red-light and clubbing hotspots are scattered all over this city with a variety of activities to enjoy yourself. My personal favourite, Amsterdam has always proven time and time again to catch me by surprise with its hidden attractions and dizzying selection of activities. A definite MUST for any party animal.

    Paris, France.

    The original birthplace of several prominent figures such as famed comedy writer, Moliere and the immortal legend of music, Frederic Chopin, this city offers those artistically attuned to experience and enjoy the seemingly surreal architecture which could have very well jumped out of a Renaissance or Baroque painting. With an overwhelmingly friendly, jovial and deeply sentimental culture rooted in its society, Paris promises to entrance the observant tourist like a captivatingly sensual woman with its elegance, exquisiteness and overall magnetic charm. Prepare for the jaw-droppingly seductive lifestyle of the French and embrace the classical personality of a magnificent city unique to Paris.

    Madrid, Spain.

    This city has always been the unsung whirlpool of different cultures and flamboyant character. Breathe in the mesmerizing and ultimately addictive activities available for personal pursuit in this culturally significant city. With an almost divine ambience and pleasant weather all year round, Madrid seems like a city which celebrates an occasion every single day. Festivities, carnivals and parades pepper the city streets exhibiting the diverse cultivation of cultures throughout Europe. Unforgivingly enticing, this city constantly injects a mind-numbing dose of zest and overall fervour which the Spanish are so well-known for. Ernest Hemingway once wrote, "Madrid has none of the look that you expect of Spain...yet when you get to know it, it is the most Spanish of all cities, the best to live in, the finest people, month in month out, the finest climate..." and he was not straying from the truth about this city that he himself grew up in. Soccer fans will delight in the passion for the world's greatest game the locals possess. Undoubtedly the most successful and probably the best team in the world, the soccer team, Real Madrid is based in this city. Explore and test your boundaries by basking in the splendour of this titillating and sexy city with an experience you're not likely to forget anytime soon.

    I have also obtained links to a very intuitive travel guide site which provides maps, general attractions, hotel rates and recommended places of interest. Do check it out. I used it extensively during my travels.

    Hope it helps. =)

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  • Joe B
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    1 decade ago

    Copenhagen, Denmark. Go see Tivoli Gardens it was WAlt Disney's inspiration for Disneyland/world.

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    Rome, Italy. It takes 8 hrs to get there from U.S. but you'll have no trouble filling a weekend with great and fun places to explore.

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    Tallin in Estonia is great! Plenty to see, lots of shops, restaurants and pubs.

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