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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicMovies · 1 decade ago

Larry Cohen Directed Films?

I rather like most films that Larry Cohen has directed (I can't decide if my favorite Cohen movie is 'Q' or 'Return to Salem's Lot'). I haven't noticed much discussion of directors on this venue, but I'm sure some of you know Cohen's work; anyone care to name a favorite film by Cohen and explain why they like it?

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    Naming one favorite Larry Cohen film is impossible for me! I started following his works after seeing "Q" aka "Q: The Winged Serpent", an amazing B-film about a gargantuan flying creature that lives in the top of the Chrysler Building, preys on New Yorkers on rooftops, and is worshiped as a god. Now, THAT'S a movie!

    I just found this at the "Q" IMDB site:

    Writer/director Larry Cohen, according to interviews, once looked at the Chrysler Building and said, "That'd be the coolest place to have a nest." This single thought was the idea which began the creation of this movie.

    Here's a list of some of my favorites:

    God Told Me To~I simply had to watch this multiple times since the mysterious, angelic-looking figure is portrayed by Richard Lynch, one of my favorite actors who seems to have been overlooked by a vast portion of filmgoers. I have a shelf reserved for his films, most of which are Grade B and lower. I'm sure most people have one or more actors to whom they are dedicated, someone no one else seems to appreciate.

    Cellular~Everyone will recognize this one, the action thriller with Chris Evans and Kim Bassinger, the one in which her frantic call links her to a young man who decides to help her instead of his usual slacking off. I didn't expect to like this one. When I saw Cohen's name, I knew I would love it!

    The Ambulance~Like many other Cohen films, this one surprised me. Eric Roberts meets Janine Turner, and the two hit it off, but the girl suddenly falls ill. An ambulance is called, and he tries to find out where she's being taken. Thus, starts a thriller with comedic touches. Once more, there's a terrific cast including James Earl Jones, Red Buttons, Eric Braeden, Stan Lee (Yes! It's the guy from Marvel Comics who does all of those film cameos!), and Laurene Landon, who crops up occasionally in Cohen films. At one point, strapped to a stretcher, Roberts careens down a street, helpless to stop his wild ride. I DO have this one in my collection! I truly need to have a Larry Cohen marathon someday.

    Wicked Stepmother~This is a horror comedy that has an amazing cast~including Bette Davis, Barbara Carrera, Lionel Stander, Colleen Camp, and Evelyn Keyes, mixing old Hollywood with some newcomers. It's a lot of fun, with witches meeting yuppies! Somewhere in my vast tape collection, there rests a copy of this film, too.

    Desperado: Avalanche at Devil's Ridge~I like the "Desperado" series of films that aired on TV, starring Alex MacArthur as Duell McCall. I have all of them recorded, all snug on one tape. Cohen is crafty in all genres!

    Perfect Strangers (1984)~Not long after I bought a VCR, I was filling tapes with films, and this truly offbeat movie is one of those I still have after two decades. As with many of Cohen's projects, there's something about it that's worth watching it repeatedly. In it, a toddler sees a hitman, Johnny, killing his target, and Johnny spots the child, who isn't old enough to tell~yet. While angling for the best time to "remove" his only witness, Johnny becomes involved with Sally, the tot's mother. Brad Rijn and Anne Carlisle are quite good, and Ann Magnuson has a solid role in this. If I recall, there are times when Johnny seems almost sympathetic. I've seen raves and rants about this one; but, unless my memory is playing tricks on me, I'll praise it as a nifty film noir of a different type.

    It's Alive~This one played at the drive-in and was considered the most ghastly thing that many of us had seen, considering it's about a killer monster-baby. Most of us hadn't had the courage to see "Night of the Living Dead" and "Texas Chainsaw Massacre". In fact, I'm not sure they even got to our drive-in, which wouldn't surprise me if that's true.

    Columbo: Any Old Port in a Storm (TV movie)~When I saw this one again recently, I was surprised to see Cohen's name. I very much like this one, which stars Donald Pleasance as the murderer who also destroys what he was trying to protect.

    Daddy's Gone A-Hunting~When I went to see this movie my senior year in high school, I didn't really take notice of some of the "technical" names, being more interested in learning about major directors and actors/actresses. I think that practically everyone near my age went to see this movie. It was THE one to see and was considered the greatest thriller we'd ever seen, with a smash ending that none of us would reveal to those who hadn't seen it. I saw it several months ago and found that it holds up quite well.

    Cohen's credits vary on these: writer, director, and/or script/story. I hope that's OK that I listed these Cohen-connected films. Maybe we'll win over more followers.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think he is much better as writer than as a director; case in point "Cellular", "Phone Booth" and "Maniac Cop" 2 & 3 and my all time favorite "The Stuff".

    Why would be because at their particular time in history, the were very subject forward and never addressed before and outstanding dialouge the engaged the viewer to crave for more.

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