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Anyone can recommand a hotel in Singapore which is near the Orchard Road or MTR station ? The facilities and the bedroom are on standard with fair price ?

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    As hotels in Singapore are generally cheaper than those in HK, you can consider staying in a 4-star hotel for around S$200 to $250 a night (HK$1100 to $1400). I can recommend a few for you:

    Traders Hotel (about 10 mins walk to Orchard station)

    ANA Hotel (10 mins walk)

    York Hotel (5 mins walk)

    I personally been to all 3 hotels above. Based on comfort and overall satisfaction, I think Traders is the best, followed by ANA. But they are not exactly near the MRT station though. In terms of convenience, York is closer to Orchard Road MRT station. If you can find good deals at Marriott or Mandarin, they are even better! Phoenix Hotel is right next to Somerset MRT station but I think it's a bit old.

    Hope it helps!

    Source(s): I lived in Singapore for 8 years before
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    Marindarn Hotel or Westin Hotel.It's good

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    This may be a useful link:

    Usually, recommend friends to check-in to Hotel Grand Central which is within min from the main Orchard shopping dist. Well some love the convenience, but, some feedback on the .....

    Also, did made booking for Hongkong friends at Llyod's Inn (, which is a charming place, about/less than 5 min from the main Orchard Road, and they love it. Do note that this is not a hotel, but friendly staff, and nice setting. These friends of mine still request for the same place whenever they visit.

    Otherwise, go to the link, fit your budget.

    As the old Chinese saying:

    一分钱一分货 & 丰俭由人

    2008-01-30 15:45:41 補充:

    btw Phoenix Hotel isn't there anymore and hotel rates may not be the same, so do check

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