For Mormons: Why are Mormons afraid (or not allowed) to read or watch anything that is against Mormonism?

As a christian, I love to read about other religions and even read things that are against christianity/the Bible. Afterall, I don't want to believe something if it's false so I seek to gather info and not have blind faith. That is why I was (and still am) very open to mormons/ others,. coming to talk w/me kindly. The BIble says to test everything against scripture. Since Mormons say they believe the Bible, that should be the first thing they do (and should've been what Joseph Smith did). Therefore, anything that contradicts the Bible should be put off as false. Anyway, I have lots of material that I'd love a mormon to look over but seems like they are so afraid to find out their religion is false. If it's proven false, then move away from it and to the true gospel of Jesus. I challenge a mormon to watch DNA vs the Book of Mormon (or any of their videos) at and write me back your response! I mean you no harm!


Jessica, Please don't make the assumption that I am rigid or hateful or anti-mormon,etc. I am very open minded. Probably more than most christians I know. And so is the Living Hope Ministry I referred you to. We truly love you and that's why we want you to please examine the Bible and even the Book of Mormon. The BoM even says that Jesus is the Everlasting Father! We wouldn't quite say that, but that is certainly different than what LDS say now. There are many truths in mormonism, and wonderful things. I love your values and character. I just wish that if a religion claimed the Bible and Jesus as a foundation, that it used those as it's reference and not changed the whole theology and salvation,etc. There are many things I can stretch to believe about morm. but some just counteract themselves and it doesn't work. The videos I referred you to are very loving and factual. I watched The Tomb of Jesus and DaVinci code and it didn't weaken my faith because the Bible always pulls through!

Update 2:

To those of you saying I'm trying to destroy people's faith. How is this any different from LDS coming to my door to "destroy my faith" and teach my about their beliefs and why mine are wrong? I don't get mad when they come to me, so why do you get mad when I ask you?

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    you see the mormons answers.

    it has been said, that only the HOLY SPIRIT can open the eyes of a mormon.

    it's been wondered if it's a satanic hold on the mormon, facts mean nothing, they defend mormonism.

    nobody is trashing your religion, you get you info from mormon sites.

    is every other scholar stupid.

    only mormon scholars have truth.

    test everything, you haven't tested mormonism, it doesn't hold up.

    look at Joe.

    he got the book of mormon around the time of the revival.

    only problem there was no revival.

    why would the records of the state lie to trash mormonism, i think not.

    the revival was in 1823-1824, not 1820.

    the state says so & so do the churches that were there.

    make any sense.

    joe says this happened after his brother died, when was that.

    around november 1823.

    nobody is trashing your religion, we are frustrated, we can't believe you mormons, the facts speak for there selves.

    too many friends on earth, you don't want to lose, on the other side you stand alone.

    good luck, your going to need it.

    PS very good question, real kind.

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    We can read anything we want. Of course we have the wisdom and /or discerning Holy Spirit that teaches us the good doctrine and doctrine thrown at us by antis.

    A bible, a bible, a bible is what we have and all we need prophecied by Nephi about what you just said.

    As for the DNA evidence, never has any LDS leader ever said that every native American is descendants of Book of Mormon Prophets or Lamanites. There was only a few Lamanites left when the Moroni buried the plates and their DNA mixed with other Native Americans and assimilated with the other tribes. There were Native peoples, before, during and after the Book of Mormon peoples.

    Also it's very hypocritical of Protestants to say we can't read or visit their websites but they wouldn't dare even visit our websites refuting your claims against our church.

    Try these

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    What I suggest you do: go to your Heavenly Father in prayer and ask what is true. He will answer you, through the Holy Ghost. That is the only way you will ever really know. We believe the gospel Christ taught was lost and/or changed with time. There needed to be a restoration of the fulness of the gospel. When God and Christ appeared to Joseph, they told him that all other churches were not teaching the correct doctrine. Some had parts and pieces, but not the whole gospel. That brought about the restoration. Read the Book of Mormon. Read the experience of Joseph Smith's vision... it truly is miraculous. President Hinckley said once that this (the gospel restoration) is either the biggest hoax ever, or it is the greatest miracle to ever happen in this dispensation. We encourage everyone to find out for themselves which is right. Depend upon your Heavenly Father, He will answer you. What you are feeling around your friends, is the Spirit. He testifies of truth. I know the gospel to be true and it is because I have studied, prayed and received answers to my prayers. I have also received SO many blessings because of the gospel... it truly is the greatest miracle.

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    If anyone has read the train of events in the Book of Mormon, you will come to the logical conclusion that DNA is not even nearly the best way to find out if the Book of Mormon is true or not. Why not read some of Cleon Skousen or Hugh Nibley's commentaries on it instead? The Bible and the Book of Mormon combined together are two legs for Christians to stand on, instead of just one. Come at it from a Jewish point of view. I have met some of the top leaders of our Church, including Pres. Hinckley years ago, Elder L. Tom Perry, and Elder Richard G. Scott, and when I look into their eyes, and when they speak, I know they have had a direct witness of the existence and mission of Jesus Christ. They are familiar with His personality, and they are dedicated to help His work in the world He created under God the Father.

    Have a happy day, and I send you a gummy bear.

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    I am a member of the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka Mormon). I have always been encouraged by my church leaders to learn as much as I can from as many different sources as possible. I currently have a couple of friends from Australia who are Muslim, and so I have read parts of the Qur'an to understand their beliefs better. I have a friend in India who is pentecostal, I have learned from her about the culture of India, and some of the teachings in her church as well. The more I can learn from other people, the better my own life will be.

    I've also previously seen the video you have linked too here. This is nothing new to me. Other people have linked to it on questions as well. Do you think you are actually going to change any of our beliefs by showing this half baked farce?

    Anyone can make a video and claim to have credible sources. Tell me, did you research the people making the video, and the "experts" revealing all the "evidence" shown within? It's not difficult to find people who will say what you want to hear, for the right price. Well guess what, there are videos claiming the opposite as well. Good luck trying to destroy other people's faith.

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    I'm glad that you're open to all religions. I think that's a very good thing. As a Mormon, I like to learn about other religions, too. I know what it's like to have people make false assumptions about your religion, so I like to get my facts straight and know how things really are.

    The reason Mormons don't like to watch or read anti-Mormon material is that we don't like to see our beliefs trashed, which is usually what this material is really about. Also, we're encouraged to base our faith on the testimony of the Spirit more than on logic. Logic can get twisted, can even be flat wrong, but God will never lie to you; if you have felt Him tell you the church is true, that's more reliable than a hundred facts or logical arguments. This isn't blind faith-- we're encouraged to pray and study the scriptures for ourselves, seek to feel the Spirit ourselves, not just depend on others' opinions. But in the end it's faith, not logic, that's going to get you through the rough parts of life.

    There is a problem with testing things against the Bible, by the way. We believe that through centuries of human error (and occasionally human mischief) the Bible has been mistranslated in places. The Book of Mormon, on the other hand, we believe to have been translated only once by a true prophet of God, so if the Bible and Book of Mormon disagree, we tend to go with the Book of Mormon.

    Another reason I think it's a good idea for Mormons to avoid anti-Mormon material is because there is so much false information circulating about our religion that it's easy for someone with less-than-stellar critical-thinking skills to get confused and led astray. I'm thinking of myself at age 13, when I was first discovering the internet and stumbled onto some things that really disturbed and confused me. I later found out that the "evidence" that had been presented so convincingly was flat lies. I was at an age where I wanted to figure my faith out for myself, not just depend on my parents' words, but I was still too naive to make sound judgments. So you can see why we're discouraged (especially as teenagers, in my experience) from seeking out things that could damage people's faith just by being persuasively phrased, regardless of the evidence behind them.

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    I am a member of the LDS church, and i love learning about other religions. The only problem that I have against things that are against mormonism is that they have been so twisted from what we actually believe and practice, and all they turn out to be are hateful.

    I am sure that you do would not like reading or watching things that said your were going to hell for what you believe in, and the things THEY say you believe in are actually not even true.

  • no one is afraid or not allowed ot read or watch anything. Where on earth did you get that idea?

    Mormonism isn't false. it stands up to honest scrutiny. For example,your DNA aspect is totally bogus. The idea that you can somehow disprove the Book of Mormon with DNA is completely naive of both the Book of Mormon and DNA processes.

    In order to test whether native Americans are descendents of those who wrote the Book of Mormon, you need the DNA of the progenitors. You don't have DNA of Nephites or Lamanites. You don't even have DNA of pre-exile Ephraimites or Mannassahites.

    When you demonstrate that you've actually read the Book of Mormon and understand what it says. Ask again.

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    13 We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all men; indeed, we may say that we follow the admonition of Paul—We believe all things, we hope all things, we have endured many things, and hope to be able to endure all things. If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

    (Pearl of Great Price | Articles of Faith 1:13)

    As the last few sentence stated, If there is anything virtuous, lovely, or of good report or praiseworthy, we seek after these things.

    We do not afraid to read the things you mention, but i doubt it worth our time. I have read many, and seen many, nothing but lies and distortion, I really getting bore of the ignorance that are presented from anti Mormon materials.

    Here is my 2 cents:

    We mormons is not afraid to teach what is in the Bible, but how many of you Christians dare to teach the doctrine in the Book of Mormon?

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    I am Mormon and am not disallowed to read anything. I can read anything I choose to. I personally have the ability to choose what i wish to read. I am very discriminating and do indeed place limits on what I read. There are some things I definitely choose not to.

    As the Apostle Paul said, we should look for things that are virtuous, lovely, praiseworthy, of good report....etc I look for things to read and watch that are uplifting and edifying. I avoid those things that I feel or not that way.

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    You're naive to think Mormons are not exposed to all the challenges to their faith from all perspectives out there....

    BYU has instituted scholarly Book of Mormon studies and shares with numerous non-mormon scholars on the topic....there has always been a healthy ongoing discourse and debate.....

    Your premise is both false and uninformed....

    for example, an article on the DNA issue can be found here...

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