Who was originally scheduled to become the new president of the IOC after Juan Samaranch?

This person's appointment was withdrawn and Jacques Rogge was appointed instead.

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    for the record, Jacques Rogge was voted (not appointed) upon by the IOC delegates during its 112th Session in Moscow, Russia on July 16, 2001, three days after the same IOC members voted Beijing as its 2008 Olympics host. his main rival at that time was South Korean Kim Un-Yung, who, four years later, resigned from the IOC due to bribery and embezzlement charges from his organization, World Taekwondo Federation and other sports organization he controlled which led him to a two-year prison term. his other opponents were Dick Pound of Canada, Pat Schmidtt of Hungary and Anita DeFrantz of USA.

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    Hilary Clinton? Barack Obama? Mitt the Twit?

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    I think it is Kim Un-yong. Supposedly he was trying to bribe committee members for votes and promised them a certain amount if elected. Are you in the USM class? This is all I could find

    Source(s): BBC
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