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Did you think Ellen Page aka "Juno" is annoying?

The concept of that movie was kinda cool, but the lead actress, Ellen Page who played Juno got on my nerves really bad. On top of that movie trying way too hard to be Napoleon Dynomite, her sub-par acting was enough to make me walk out and I left me feeling I wasted my money. She tried to act like a guy, or like she was a "not-your-typical-girl" girl, which is counterproductive to the point of the movie. I understand the wordly attidude was suppose to express the mindset of a teenager, but she seriously missed the target and destroyed what could have been a good flick.

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    She was absolutely annoying. But I don't really blame Ellen, since the character was really a reflection of Diablo Cody, the writer. Juno's character throughout the entire movie just seemed like she was constantly trying to prove how "eclectic" she was, and it really made her seem like just another one of those teenage girls who pride themselves on being artsy.

    So although I loved the movie itself, I couldn't stand Juno as a character.

    EDIT - And by looking at most of your flamers, they seem to fit into the demographic I previously mentioned, so I wouldn't quite take their opinions as critics seriously.

    EDIT II - To Myst's comment: Have you seen her in the third X-Men film? She made me dislike Shadow Cat. I don't dispute the fact that Ellen isn't the best actress out there, but Hard Candy had a similar atmosphere to Juno as I recall. Sometimes actors and actresses are more sought after for roles that they had basically already portrayed. So she's probably going to end up being another one of those typecasted actors that can't really show dynamic acting abilities anyway.

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    Sorry Kati, I disagree. I thought Ellen Page was a good actress and did justification to the role of Juno. I thought it was a great movie. And though I would not want my daughter to become pregnant at age 16, I would hope my daughter exemplifies some of the characteristics of the character Juno - especially a sense of a humor and a willingness to go against the grain.

    Actually listening to the soundtrack right now. I am usually a guy who likes much harder rock, but this is a great soundtrack!

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    I liked it, i myself didn't really find her character annoying per-say though. Sometimes she would act older than she should in movies like Hard Candy but even that movie was supposed to make her smarter than what the average teenager is seen as. It was kind of odd in the very beginning but it got better afterwards.

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    I do not consider that's correct

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    i actually like the movie. didnt really get the point but movies dont have 2 have a point they are there to entertain... and i saw her in hard candy and xmen 3:the last stand and loved both of them! so i have to disagree with u!

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    Yeah, it took about 10 minutes to get into the groove of the movie, Juno's personality, and the dialogue. After that, it was fine and I really enjoyed it.

    I disagree that she was trying intentionally not to act like a "typical girl" -- most girls I've met act more like her than other teenage girls I've seen recently in the movies.

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    I saw her in "Hard Candy" and thought that she was one of the most irritating actresses I had ever seen. I feared that she would be offered another lead role, something quirky, and, just as I feared, deemed Oscar-worthy. She is certainly not Oscar material but is exactly the sort of offbeat person they would pick. To me, she's channeling Liza Minnelli in her early films, even down to the chopped-off hair. Only, Liza was a true actress, not this "If I talk wryly and smirk a lot, they'll think I'm quirky and cute."

    We're going to be stuck with her dreadful delivery for some time to come I fear.

    The clips of "Juno" I've seen have me groaning every time. They show more scenes, and I suffer even more.

    I support your dislike of this girl. Maybe she'll get over the one-note delivery someday. It's more likely that she will rely on it for films to come. *SIGH*

    NOTE: The poster below might not have seen her in "Hard Candy". This is the girl, not a character. She has the same nasal, wry delivery and the exact expressions and body language in the first film as in the second, at least that's what it seems to me from the clips I'm seeing of "Juno". That's Page, not the character, and she's irritating and unlikable with affectations that I hope will sink her career soon.

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    My boyfriend said that her character reminded him of what I must have been like in highschool, and I kind of agree with him. Everyone is different, and that's cool.

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    i liked her, she was acting like a wise guy tom boy, but at times i was like "oh shut the f up!"

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