How often does London, england get rain during the summer?

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Ive heard that it rains unexpectly, it rains all the time, and that it never rains during the summer there. Which is actually true? Im going to london this summer and am wondering. more
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" rains unexpectedly, it rains all the time, and that it never rains during the summer..."
Oh dear... take the past three summers and all three of those statements are true.

Summer 2007: it rained all the time -- or it certainly felt like it!
Summer 2006: it never rained -- or at least not over London. We had a drought and temperatures soaring into the 30s (ok if you're in the countryside but not pleasant in town!)
Summer 2005: it rained unexpectedly, sometimes but lots of sunshine too.

The last one (2005) is the normal pattern for a London summer... but it's too early to predict what we'll have this year. Bring a lightweight raincoat and clothing that you can wear as light layers. Buy an inexpensive brolly (umbrella) when you arrive, if you need it. Expect temperatures in the 22-29C region.
By the way, you've already taken the first step towards acting like a local -- talking about the weather is a national obsession!

Enjoy your hols when you get here. =)
love from a Londoner born and bred...
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  • Matpav answered 6 years ago
    Normally it rains heavly after it has been hot for a few days. then i would rain more.
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  • sarch_uk answered 6 years ago
    Well we do have a variable climate and sometimes it rains in summer and sometimes it doesn't. No one anywhere can guarantee what the weather will be like...not even the weather forecasters get it right all the time. Closer to when you will be coming here check out the long term forecasts and you will have some idea of what to expect. Just type London weather forecast into a search this...

    Hope you enjoy yourself when you are here...
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  • Daisy C answered 6 years ago
    To be honest it rains quite a lot but you can tell when you wake up if its going to rain. I f I was you i would just be prepared so bring an umbrella and jacket so that if its going to rain you'll be ok.


    Native Londoner
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  • taxed till i die,and then some. answered 6 years ago
    How often does it rain in London?Everyday,Especially bank holidays.
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  • 'Er indoors!! answered 6 years ago
    How long is a piece of string? How the heck are we supposed to know how much rain we're gonna get. In 1995, we had no rain for months during the summer months, but last year it rained all through June, and a lot of July.

    Sorry to sound so hard, but why do people ask such stupid questions? Short of consulting a chrystal ball, I don't think anyone can answer questions like this. Do you know how much rain you are going to get where you live this year? Think about it!!!
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