How do I take a good quality screenshot if everything on my screen?

And where would it be saved to? I though tit was the prt scr button

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    It is indeed the prt scr (Print Screen) button. This button saves the image of everything on your screen to the area in your computer's memory called the "Clipboard." To see the screenshot you took, you need an image editing program (Accessories -> Paint will work fine). Open the image editing program and press Control+V or click Edit -> Paste. Your screenshot should show up, and then you can save it as a .gif, .jpg, or any other picture format.

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    Close - <Alt><Prt Sc>; but it will only capture the active window - the one which has the "blue" surround, not those greyed out. You can get the whole screen if that is all "active".

    The image is in the clipboard, and can be pasted into any application that takes a pasting from the clipboard.

    There are software packages such as Snag-It or Hardcopy which will allow you to choose what to capture. We use licensed Snag-It; though I believe a shareware version is still available.

    We use Snag-It for screen shots for our guides and documentation.

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    Print Scrn takes an image of whatever's on your screen on copies it to the Clipboard. At that point, just open your favorite graphics editor (MS Paint works great for this) and just paste it in. (Edit -> Paste, or just Ctrl+V)

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    Hit the print screen button. Then open Paint. Go to edit, then paste.

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