Will barclays charge me for an international wire transfer?

I'm going to be paying a company in the US via wire transfer in US dollars from my barclays account... can anyone tell me whether they'll charge me to do this? Thanks

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    You will be charged for this.

    All banks charge for International Payments, as lots of admin is involved in sending payments abroad.

    Make sure you get all bank account details from the business you are paying, as errors in international payments take lots of time and, unfortunately, money to resolve!

    As for charges for the payment, you have several options when sending the payment:-

    There will be a Barclays bank payment charge AND a beneficiary bank charge for receiving the payment. Your options are the following:

    1. BEN- person you are sending money to pays ALL charges.

    2. SHA- you pay the Barclays charge, and beneficiary pays their bank charge.

    3. OUR- you pay all charges.

    So yeah, it's up to you which of the above you pay, just make sure you mark the appropriate box on the payment form!

    Good luck, transfer should take 1-2 days.

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    Yes you will be charged for the transfer. Just make sure to obtain wiring instructions from the beneficiary. It is obvious that Barclays in the UK will send it to Barclays New York.

    So here are some of the instructions you will need.

    1) Swift Code: BARCUS33

    2) Bank Name: Barclays' New York

    3) Beneficiary Bank

    4) Beneficiary Bank's ABA Number

    5) Beneficiary Name

    6) Beneficiary Account Number

    Hope this helps.

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    Wire transfers are always expensive. The cheapest way I can think of is to set up a pre-paid credit card and do the wire transfer from that account. It usually only runs around $10.

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    Why are you paying by international wire transfer. Are you being scammed ? Is this a eBay payment ? then you are being scammed.

    You should only pay by international wire transfer if you personally know the person you are paying.

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    There will be a wire fee, plus a conversion fee to pay in US dollars.

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  • Yes you will be charged.

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    dunno jenny ... good luck

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