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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceHigher Education (University +) · 1 decade ago

Which school is better for pharmacy, VCU or ACP?

VCU is virginia common wealth, and i've heard that it's easy to get into the college, then you transfer after 2 years into the 4 year pharmacy building, i have some friends down in that area. i've heard it's a good school.

ACP is a pharmacy college in albany which is much closer to where i live, NY i hear it's also very good

i was just wondering what would be the better school for pharmacy, also after i'm done w/ pharmacy school i might want to go into business school, i'm not sure if that matters, i don't care about expenses either.



also i;m interested in biomedical technology, which is offered at ACP, i;m not sure if VCU has it or not, but i want the salary of a pharmacist, so w/e has more money i guess

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Virginia Commonwealth is well known for its excellent pharmacology program.

    You really should look at SUNY Syracuse and also SUNY Buffalo - both have outstanding programs.

    I couldn't find any information on ACP [Albany College of Pharmacy?]. There is a neuropharmacology program at Albany Medical College - a very well-regarded school.

    Looks to me like you have an excess of choices - If cost is not an object, I'd go to Virginia because its warmer.

    Good luck to you

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    VCU is a good school. If you're only 16, I'm guessing you're in 10th grade? If so, you still have time to raise your gpa. If not, it certainly does no harm to at least apply to UVA - you never know! Of course, it all depends on what your major is, if the school has a good program for what you're looking for, etc. Have you looked into George Mason? It's a decent school and it's easier to get into than UVA. You'll be right up by DC, so can still get that 'city' feel you like. VCU is a good choice too. Radford, Tech, UVA Wise, JMU, etc. are all in the mountains, so not exactly city-like.

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