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Is Obama the antichrist?

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    Why do you say that? What makes you think he is the antichrist?

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    YES !

    Obama , anti Christian. Only Christians can see that his not a Christian !!. Muslims and Buddhist , they don't care nor need to care . It's sad that he used Christians to be put in to presidency. Now his aiming at separating whites from blacks, inciting hate for all people in America (all walks) his plans are to destroy America from within . Muslims are placed all over this country and around the world. People we didn't have thier temples every where before .Wake up America I fore fathers would be ashamed of what we have allowed to happened. It prolly 2 late . I'm sorry America I let you down..what's is the opposite of Christ ?many people are and will be antichrist.

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    Is Obama the antichrist?

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    I'd say it is likely if he is elected president. Read up on the criteria in Revelation and see the characteristics. He reminds me a lot of Adolf Hitler who many thought was the Antichrist back in the 1940's. Deception will be the main characteristic of the Antichrist-- a wolf in sheep's clothing proclaiming to be the Christ but actually being the opposite.

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    Why on Earth would you ask a silly question like this? People have been trying to guess who the antichrist was for a thousand years and more. All that term really means is someone who spreads false teachings in the name of Christ. Only Nostradamus actually predicted the Anti-Christ would be some horrible apocalyptic figure. But I see nothing in Obama except a tax and spend libral with no experience. He seems like a fairly nice guy with no clue how to run a government. Don't read anything more into it than that.

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    5 years ago

    Well, I have to admit that I got the willies when I heard, several times, media people saying he is like a messiah to his crowds. That's disturbing! Nonetheless, I do not believe he is the anti-christ, but he could be a sidekick of the anti-christ. I think, for instance, that if he becomes our next President, he is going to hand over a lot of our national sovereignty to groups like the UN. If you want to check out someone that is more likely to be the anti-christ, Google "Mr. Europe" his first name is Javiar. If it isn't him, it will probably be someone that succeeds him in his office. The anitchrist will come from the north. Obama came from Hawaii so it's not him.

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    Why would you ask such a thing? The man is talking issues where his opponents are rumormongering, misleading, wearing their own religion on their sleeve even though it has nothing to do with how good a President someone would make.

    Your underlying question may be about him being black and if it is please don't be concerned because America really is not ready for a black President because of the racial prejudice that is still too prevalent in this country. So not to be concerned another white, male republican will occupy the White House.

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    Is Obama Anti Christ

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    Seriously, you people spoke too soon. Look now, six years in the future. How do we know that in the later future he won't dictate us and that now he's just reeling us in???

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    what's your definition of an antichrist? how many do you think are in the US? Is every Democrat an anti-Christ? Is this what your religion tells you? Scary

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    Because he's black, smart and compassionate?

    No, but I can see why you're suspicious. I'm sure that the antichrist, when he shows up, won't be white, stupid and self-involved.

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