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URGENT!! what is a lexical field?

i know what a semantic field is... how are they different?


in simple terms... please!

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    A lexical field is “the set of lexemes [vocabulary units, units of meaning] in any one language-system which cover

    [a] conceptual area and, by means of the relations of sense which hold between them, give structure to it”

    A semantic field “consists of a lexical field … applied to some content domain” and includes both “lexemes and other units that are semantically related, whether paradigmatically or syntagmatically, within a given language system”

    Hence, the phrase “account of events” is certainly part of the semantic field for narrative but not part of its lexical field. This is because the phrase itself is not a unit of vocabulary, or lexeme, for its meaning is the sum of its parts.

    “Old wives’ tale,” on the other hand, is a composite unit of vocabulary whose meaning is more than the sum of its parts. It is therefore a lexeme and thus part of both the lexical and semantic field for narrative.

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