1985 Nissan 300ZX - electrical system problems?

Every once in a while my 1985 Nissan 300ZX won’t start; the engine will turn but it won’t fire. Battery is brand new (had the same problem with the old battery). Usually this only happens when I am trying to crank the car, but just the other day it actually cut off on me while driving. I can leave the car for a few minutes or sometimes a few hours, and then it cranks right up on the first try. I’ve had a basic check of the electrical system done at Auto Zone, Advance, a Nissan dealership and my local garage. All tell me the same thing – it checks out fine, and unless it’s having the problem at the exact moment they’re testing it, they can’t do anything. I expect there is a loose wire or bad connection somewhere – but where should I look?

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    Get a manual and start troubleshooting it yourself, one step at a time.

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    1985 Nissan 300zx

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    A short blows a fuse, n open circuit means no voltage or no ground. A draw on the other hand means something is consuming power even with the key off. assuming the battery is ok charge it a bad bad battery will not hold a charge. charged battery---remove the negative lead and place a test light one end on the battery and the other end on the negative lead. key off is the light lit? this shows that current is flowing somewhere. pull fuses one at a time and observe the light. When does it go out. that fuse is your affected circuit. you will need the power supply routing diagram to locate all circuits on that fuse. disconnect devices one at a time until light goes out. you now have your culprit. all you need to do is figure out why. Note more than one item can be drawing watch for a change in light intensity. radio and clock will draw a few milliamps of power to retain memory this is normal. (test light is very dim when only memory voltage is present). Nissan senior master tech.

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    the most common cause of nissan no start is an ignitor (a small solide state component bolted with 8mm screws on coil mounting brackets) however some nissans had an optical driven ignition system to see if yours has this distributor or not remove the distributor cap and look for a metal disk with 359 slots and one blank. this system works much like a cd player (sends a laser thru slots to a reciever) they can easily be fouled by distributor oil shaft seal leak. cleaning with brake cleaner may provde temporary relief. if you do not see disk it is most likely ignitor but changing any part without a solid diagnostic is a gamble! need more help send me an e-mail thru answers link.

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