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Patriots, best football team ever?

Will the New England Patriots win the Superbowl and secure their place in NFL history as the greatest team ever? If you disagree they will be the greatest team ever why? What more could they do to satisfy you as being the greatest NFL football team ever? I am a Packers fan so please don't hit me with the favoritism slap.

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    No, they are not the best team ever.

    The thing which clearly disqualifies them as such is the defense. They allowed 274 points which doesn't even put them in the top 100 scoring defenses of the Super Bowl era, let alone all time.

    Look at the '42 Bears. They scored 376 points and allowed 84 in 11 games. If you extrapolate that to 16 games they would have scored 546 and allowed 122. This yields the 3rd most prolific offense ever and the stingiest defense ever.

    The 2007 Patriots have outscored opponents 52-32 through two playoff games. That puts them behind the 2004 Patriots who had outscored opponents 61-30 through 2 games.

    Look at the '85 Bears. They outscored opponents in 3 playoff games 111-10.

    Look at the 89 49ers. They outscored opponents in 3 playoff games 126-26, including a 55-10 Super Bowl win

    There are lots of teams better than this Patriot team, despite what ESPN will tell you.

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    The 72 Dolphins record breaks down this way:

    Record against non-playoff teams: 14-0

    Record against playoff teams: 0-0

    They never played a single playoff team in their entire 14 game regular season run. And 3 of their wins were by 1 (Bills), 2 (Vikings), and 4 (Jets) points.

    They were hardly dominant in the post season either, winning their playoff games by 20-14 (Div) 21-17 (AFC Champ) and 14-7 (Super Bowl).

    The Patriots took care of the Chargers, Colts, Steelers, Cowboys, Giants and then for good measure took care of Jacksonville and the Chargers (again) in the playoffs so far.

    They beat all of the top teams except Green Bay, who was not on their schedule and didn't make the Super Bowl.

    As of week 9, the Patriots had pinned the only loss on not one, but two teams (Colts and Cowboys).

    They have to be the greatest team ever...IF they finish it off by winning the Super Bowl.

    Still they might not necessarily get credit for their accomplishment.. a lot of people still cite the 85 Bears or the 84 Forty-Niners (both of whom finished 15-1 and won the Super Bowl) as the greatest single-season teams... Most people don't actually call the 72 Dolphins the best team ever, especially people who never saw them play.

    The Bears of course, lost to the Dolphins, while the 49ers lost to the Steelers 20-17 in their 7th game of that season.

    But with six regular season wins against playoff teams, the Patriots probably are the best ever, for one year...again, IF they beat the Giants a second time..

    Both the 49ers and Bears were, of course, dominant in their playoff runs:


    beat Giants 21-10

    beat Bears: 23-0

    beat Dolphins 38-16


    beat Giants 21-0

    beat Rams 24-0

    beat Patriots 46-10

    New England's playoff games have been much closer this year.

    So even if they finish 19-0, there will still be debate about the best single season team... Unlike the Bears (12-0 before the Miami game) and 49ers (6-0 before the Steeler game), the Patriots went the entire season with the added pressure of going undefeated.

    Of course, people complained early in the year about the Pats running up the score, and now the same people are saying the Patriots aren't that good because they've had some close games... what are ya gonna do?

    All the Patriots can do is try to finish the year 19-0 and then let everyone else debate their place in history.

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    I've got 7 teams I like and the Patriots are my favorite. They are not likely to go down in NFL history as the greatest team ever. For most of us diehard NFL fans, "defense wins championships". My Patriots have problems stopping the run. They also do not have a fierce pass rush. I say that because opposing team receivers are getting open. Opponent QB's have time to wait for their receivers to get open. When our Patriots win the Super Bowl, many fans will doubtless think of the Patriots as the greatest NFL team ever. One reason is they will be 19-0 and no team has ever done that; at least not that we know of. Prior to 1933, the League had teams coming and going, so they may have played a lot of exhibition games to raise revenue. In a sense, all the games prior to 1932 were exhibition games because no championship game was played and no precise records were kept.

    Be that as it may, although I hate to admit it, but some of those Steel curtain teams may have been better because you could not run on their defense. And Bradshaw was a pretty good QB, although I do not feel he should be in the Hall of Fame for a couple reasons. You would certainly have to consider the '85 Bears with their defense. And we musn't forget the undefeated '34 Bears and '42 Bears. One of those may have been the best, but they are forgotten about because they lost the championship game.

    Another thing that will be argued about for another 100 years - provided the world is still here - is some players that made great plays. You could argue that the '81 49ers were the greatest team because of the big plays that they made, among them that LB who tackled 290 pound Cincy back Pete Johnson single handedly at the one on 4th down. It can't be done, but he did it, and the 49ers needed that play. So from the standpoint of the Patriots coming through in the Baltimore, Philadelphia and Giants game with late interceptions, they will argue for generations to come that the Pats were the greatest. As for me, I'll argue for Tom Landry's '66 and '67 teams. His teams were actually better than the Pack. Ha ha ha. But seriously, I think the best teams were either the Bears of the early 40s, the '75 Steelers, the '85 Bears or the '94 Forty-niners.

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    Yes!!! IF they go 19-0!! Why because on the way to going 19-0 They broke many many records and tied other records.

    These records were set by different people on different teams. It wasn't just one team or person who's record the surpassed.

    Most Touch downs thrown by a QB.

    Most catches by a WR

    The record for a duo throwing, catching

    The record for the most points scored in one season

    The tied the most players catching the ball for a touch down.

    OF course let's not forget they are the only team to have won 18 games in a one season.

    What other team has broken have the records this team has in one season??? NONE!!

    LOVE them HATE them it doesn't matter their year speaks for it's self.

    Yes they are until such a time that a team can come up and do everything plus that this team has done this year then that might be the greatest time of ever.

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    Will since the Patriots have not won the Superbowl as of yet, you may ask yourself "Is the 72 Dolphins the current best football team ever?" To me, Patriots"may" become the best team for this year, however, that does not necessary mean they are best. I believe its takes more than just one perfect season to prove it is the best.

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    i have 2 respect the patriots, b/c they r a really good team, adn 19 and 0 is really big feat, but they did cheat, which takes my respect away. they're also very lucky, and i really would have like it 2 b peyton versus eli this year, and thats not just because im a hard core colts fan and i hate the stealers, it would have been cool 2 have brother competitiveness, another thing about the patriots is that they r very lucky, and they're stradegy has 2 do with running up the score when they're obviously winning so that they look better, and thats just cocky. they're a good team, but it takes more than being good to be the best team in the nfl. first of all, u have to win at least 2 years in a row, second of all u need to not have a dirty cheater like belicheck as a coach, and 3rd, u need to have a couple years of brething space after u cheat to b considered the best.

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    if they win the super bowl and go undefeated, they will be mentioned with the other great teams, like the 85 bears, 72 dolphins, 84 49ers, and the 48 bears who also went undefeated. but in my eyes they will never be the greatest ever regardless of their record. the other teams i mentioned didn't have the cloud of suspicion hanging over their heads for cheating. i'm going to catch heck from the pats fans but sorry people, your team did get caught and had way to many close calls from crappy teams this year.

    edit: isn't it funny that all the people that said no to the question, are getting the thumbs down. has anybody else noticed that?

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    Only time will tell, if the are the "best football team ever"... they are the best, this season

    As for those nearsighted fools, who say the Patriots "cheated"... the NFL never, referred to the camera as "cheating" they called it a "rules infringement". If "rules infringements" are "cheating", then every team is equally guilty. Let it go, the season is over and it's almost Superbowl.

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    Ok to start this i just have to say that since they been cheating they dont deserve that title. let me just say when it comes down to other sports they give back there metals they get there names taken out of the hall of fame. u see it dont make no difference when they started to cheat the point is they did. so they will never get the respect of the greatest team ever but they are a great team. on the 3rd it will be a great game. im tired of hearing that its going to be one sided. when we met them at the end of the season i thought they were going to leave the pats 15-1. we got our heads out of our(u know what) during the play-offs. so there is nothing better then to expect then to say OH MY GOD! I CANT BELIEVE IT! THE GIANTS WON THE SUPERBOWL! an underdog team that was a wildcard has come back from tampa bay to dallas even green bay. but i never thought they were going to take it all the way!

    Source(s): LETS GO GIANTS!!!! 27 - 30 Giants got a spread of 3. hope i make it
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    Im not a fan of them. but I would have to say the 49ers of the 1980's were the best team ever. sorry..

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