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關於訂單號碼xxx已於x月x日出貨,貨到港口的 時間為 x 月x日,不知您是否有順利收到貨?






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  • 1 decade ago
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    The shipment against your order No. xxx has been made on xxxxx.

    The ETA to (港口名) is xxxx. Please let us know if you have taken delivery without any difficulties.

    Please also let us know if you are satisfied with our products.

    If you need any further service from us, please let us know. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need to find any other products from Taiwan.

    We will be more than happy to provide our service to you.

    Source(s): 貿易經驗
  • Sookie
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    1 decade ago

    We would like to check if you have recevied order#XXX which the shipment date is on MM/DD, the arrival date at destination port should be on MM/DD.

    We would like to have your comment on the product.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us shall you need further assistance or service from our end. We will always be at your service should you need any assistance to find others product in Taiwan.

    Source(s): kool_jp
  • 1 decade ago

    關於訂單號碼xxx已於x月x日出貨,貨到港口的 時間為 x 月x日

    We already sent the request form unmber xxx on XX日/XX月/XX年,on x日/x月the cargoes you ordered would arrive (記得日要放前面,美國用法)(用Would 是因為很可能已經到達)


    Have you received the cargoes you requested yet? (不加"順利"了,因為美國很少這樣使用)如果硬要加,在 yet 前面加 "smoothly"


    Do you feel satisfy abour our products?


    Please call us, if you need any of our service, or need help to find other Taiwan's products(不可使用Taiwanese因為文法會奇怪), we are very will to serve for you.


    2008-02-02 23:38:16 補充:


    Do you feel satisfy about our products?

    不好意思打錯了!! HAHHAH

    2008-02-02 23:39:43 補充:


    we are very willing to serve for you


    Source(s): I lived in USA For More than 3 years, high School student
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