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    Horoscope brief introduction:

    English name: Cancer

    English Chien writes: Cnc

    Celestial sphere position:

    Red through the 8.5 hs red latitude+20 os

    The most bright and main star: Altarf

    Important heavenly body: M44, M67

    I am the best to prognosticate: Two go to April

    Chinese horoscope: Ghost Xiu, water level

    The size ranks: 31

    Cancer's appearing in winter don't the horoscope of spring beginning is an ecliptic the fourth horoscope of 12 palaces, but is also the most obscure horoscope in the zodiac, the most bright main star also only has four etc..Cancer is located an of Leo and Gemini, the north is a day, cat, the south Lin grow snake, southwest for small dog, Cancer once was the place that the summer solstice ordered by more than 3,000 years, so western was called Tropic of Cancer Tropic of Cancer.( Tropic of Cancer was a sun at summer solstice keep shooting permafrost track)But the relation differed along with the year old, now summer solstice's ordering have already moved to Gemini, currently sun on July 20 to August 10 of every year through Cancer.In the myth, when the muscle man"sea gram power Si" and 9 when strange snake fight, the Cancer which is the snake strange and good friend runs busy, it bites a sea gram, the feet of the power Si don't put, but sea gram the power Si trample, afterwards being put together in the sky with strange snake, becoming Cancer, its outline,such as right diagram, shows:

    Cancer the most bright stars is the Cancer b star Altarf, be located the left limb of Cancer, bright degree 3.52, assume orange, be apart from us to have 350 light years


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