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阿焦 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago


I want to be a membership of cosco golden card,but my computer can not open the document.So I want to know how to be a membership of cosco.

Thank you.

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    凡不符合商業會員申請資格. 且經由好市多審核通過者. 皆可申請成為金星會員主卡.

    Gold Star Membership

    Gold Star Membership is available for individuals who do not qualify for a Business Membership. The Gold Star Membership is NTD$1,200 per year, which includes one household card per primary add on. See the membership counter at your warehouse.


    1. 請填妥申請表格. 並準備身份證及資格證明文件. 如工作證. 名片. 薪資單存根. 公司信函. 外籍證照等任一項. 及應繳的會員年費. 至賣場會員部櫃台辦理.

    因為你的電腦無法下載申請書. 故不詳載郵寄申請方式.

    但申請表格式內容相當簡單. 大致內容如下:

    主卡 (Primary)

    姓名 (Name), 出生日期 (Birthday), 身份證字號 (ID Number), 通訊地址 (Mailing Address), 公司電話 (Business Phone #), 住家電話 (Home Phone #), 行動電話 (Mobile Phone #), 公司或組織團體 (Company / Association), 電子郵件信箱 (E-mail).

    Source(s): Costco Goldstar Membership Application
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  • V739UV
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    1 decade ago

    You may check whether you have Adobe Reader

    installed in your computer. If you don't, go to to get it downloaded and installed it into your computer. If you do, just like Bibo said, you usually have to wait a while for the loading of the .pdf document. Good luck.

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  • 1 decade ago

    凡年滿18歲(但未滿二十歲者應經法定代理人之允許),服務於公司機構之個人可以申請為金星會員。金星會員卡的年費為 新台幣 $1,200 元 ,並可享有一張免年費之家庭卡。 (Taiwan)


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  • 不知道你懂不懂中文..





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