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Who will be the next dominant PF in the next 10 years after TD, KG & Nowitzki?

Chris Bosh; Amare Stoudemire (if Suns manage to find decent center so he can play his natural position - PF); Carlos Boozer; Al Jefferson; David West; Le Marcus Aldrigde.

Dominant: MVP & multi all star selections (>5) & multi all nba team selection (>5); It will be great if he can win championship ring as well.

All of them; some of them; or others?

Provide ranking will be great.


Hi Jack

As for Amare, he himself once mentioned that he is out of position. I did not say he is not good as a center but trust me he will perform better if he plays as a PF together with a good center besides him instead of nightly basis guarding bigger player like Yao, Gasol, Okur. Remember when Kurt Thomas was around. Amare was more active during that time.

As for Nowitzki, as much as you hate him, if you refer to my defination of dominant, he is qualified. You can't argue that coaches have been choosing him to play in all star year by year.

Update 2:

Oden most likely will play center

Update 3:

Josh Smith is a good opinion.

He does play a lot as PF.

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    Chris Bosh or Al Jefferson has the best chance of being the next dominant PF. You can argue that Nowitski is currently in that class. The reason is because Carlos, Aldridge, Stoudemire and David West aren't the go to guys on the team. None of the four mentioned players can take over a game. Their PGs are the ones that you think of when you think of their team. New Orleans- Chris Paul, Jazz- Deron Williams, Suns- Nash, Blazers- Roy. If you look at all the dominant bigs today, they're the face of their franchise. Al Jefferson is basically the face of the t'wolves now, while Bosh is the franchise player for the raptors. Jefferson will get his all-star selections as he gets older, while Bosh is going to get his third. Both of these players aren't even 25 yet, but they already demand so much attention from defences. It won't be long until Bosh and Jefferson are referred to as the best (or one of the best) PF in the league.

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    I would have to agree with Al Jefferson. He's carrying his team so much. Because his teammates suck so much or injured, they're struggling so much. I bet Al Jefferson could average 30 ppg if he had a great pure PG w/ him. I think Al Horford will also be dominant. He looks like a promising young player. I expect him to average like 12-17 ppg 10 rpg and 2 bpg next year.

    1. Al Jefferson

    2. Amare Stoudemire

    3. Chris Bosh

    4. Josh Smith

    5. Al Horford

    6. Luis Scola

    7. Tyrus Thomas

    8. Joakim Noah (if he matures to professionalism)

  • Amare Stoudemire

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    What makes you think you know what you are talking about? Amare plays great at C he might as well stay there. Nowitzki is not a Dominant player, when the pressure is on the dude folds every time. He didn't even deserve the MVP last year.

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    Al Jefferson. Kid gets better every year and is still only 22 or 23 years old. He's already pretty much a guaranteed double double in Minnesota, and that's with no great shooters around him... just wait until that team gets a little older or adds another proven scorer.

    In his senior year of high school Jefferson averaged 42 points a game. He won't ever do that in the NBA obviously, but I think your going to see his average rise year in year out as he becomes one of the best in the league.

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    Greg Oden

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    i would say al jefferson. i think he is younger than the other PFs you mentioned maybe except aldridge, ill have to double check it. but jefferson is alreayd putting up KG type #s. he is constantly putting up 20/10 and i believe he is the next tim duncan.

    1. jefferson

    2. amare

    3. aldridge

    4. bosh

    5. boozer

    6. west

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    Bosh. He's shining right now

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