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What is the difference between the Samsung K5 MP3 Player and the Samsung S5 MP3 Player?

My sister is racking her brain trying to figure this out and we were wondering whats the difference.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you were impressed by the Samsung K5 mp3 player, feast your eyes on this latest entrant, the Samsung YP-S5 player. Based mostly on the K5, the YP-S5 has several improvements over its predecessor in terms of various features and also in its outer appearance. It is now only about 15 mm thin and the screen is updated to color, making videos a reality.

    Speaking of other changes, you get Bluetooth 1.2 opening up a world of devices you could connect to the YP-S5. You can even answer a phone call and convert it into a speakerphone. Also included is a voice recorder, alarm clock, and an FM radio. The audio-in jack is of course welcome. Thanks to Samsung's DNSe technology, the music will sound outstanding both on the fold-out speakers, which are now protected with grills, and on headphones. You can get about 24 hours of music by headphones, 5 hours on the speakers, and 3.5 hours of video on a single charge, although the 1.8-inch QCIF screen would certainly discourage you from doing so. The Flash-based user interface supports the usual mp3, AAC, and WMA formats for music, mp4 for videos, and JPEG for pictures while touch-sensitive controls enable easy navigation of menus. Other additional features such as the ability to play flash games and support for podcasts and RSS feeds do add up to make this device a bit more appealing.

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