ok so recently i have had soo many exams and test for my 6 clases and havent had time to read the crucible can you please try and answer this for me,, thanks in advance

1, what is the sourse of the tention in the proctor household?

2. what does elizibeth fear about abigail?

3. where has mary warren been? what does she report? what does she give elizabeth?

4. what is the only way a person accused of witch craft can save his or his life?

5. how did mary "save" elizabeth life but later couse her to be accused?

6. accoring to proctor what concerns parris more then his duty to God?

7. why does Hale come to see proctor?

8. which commandment does john forget?

9. why does Giles Corey and francis nurse come to see John proctor?

10. explain: "" vengeance is walking salem"".

11. what happens to Elizabeth?

12. what does proctor demand of Mary Warrent?

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    1. John Proctor has been having an affair with Abigail ( the maid) and Mrs. Proctor knows about it

    2. That Abigail will accuse her of witchcraft

    3. ?


    5. ?

    6. His name/ integrity or love for his wife

    You should watch the movie, these questions are hard

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    Believe me I understand about being overloaded with assignments and exams because Im a student also. Although I think that you should read the book/play yourself I have often fudged slightly from time to time and used sparknotes to help me skim through a text. Check out this site

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