This is a PARODY. Sorry if I have offended anyone. Question: what do you think about it?

Christians!!!! We are at war with the Atheists right now, but don't worry for we will not lose as long as we have this:

The Art of War: The Ways to Win Debates by Shutting Your Ears And Ignoring Logic

Volume 1: To Shut Your Ears and Go Jesus, Jesus, JEEEEESSSSSUSSSSS

Volume 2: When An Atheist Is Ready to Debate, Do Not Debate; When An Atheist Is Not Aware, Attack Him Behind His Back

Volume 3: When There Is a Fewest Amount of Atheist on Y!A, Begin Spreading False Information; THEY CANNOT CORRECT ALL OF IT

Volume 4: "If Humans Evolved From Monkeys, Why Are There Still Monkeys?"

Volume 5: Pascal's Wager

Volume 6: First Ultimate BS; Evolution is False; Creationism is Real

Volume 7: Second Ultimate BS; U.S. Is a Christian Nation

Volume 8: The Final UltimateBS: Atheism is A Religion

Volume 9: When You Cannot Win, Report the Questions

Volume 10 Final Volume: Eliminate Secularization; Take Away the Religious Rights of Others; The Total Control of the Government


This book is highly recommended by all the Christians who have debated the Atheists. It is in every Barnes&Nobles bookstores. You can order it as well. Prices will include shipping and handling.

“ I recommend this book to all of the Christians. It work so well for me. Trust me, the Atheists would be so AMAZED by our arguments that they cannot answer back”-Christian

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    Actually, there is another volume:

    Volume 11The Ultimate Volume: Art of Annoyance; Ask The Atheists Insulting And Stupid Questions; The Atheists Would Be So Surprised of the Stupidity That They Could Not Answer

    LOL. This is a nice satire about the Christians

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This reminds me of a similar book: The Art of War: The Ways to Win Debates by Shutting your Ears and Ignoring Logic (Atheist's Addition).

    Volume 1: To Shut Your Ears and Go Darwin, Darwin, DAAAARRRRRRRINNNNNNNN

    Volume 2: When a Theist Is Ready to Debate, Do Not Debate; When a Christian Is Not Aware, Attack Him Behind His Back

    Volume 3: When There Is a Fewest (??) Amount of Christians on Y!A, Begin Spreading False Information: THEY CANNOT CORRECT ALL OF IT

    Volume 4: If Humans Were Created By A Higher Intelligence, Why Is There An Obscure Bone Of Hundreds Of Thousands Of Bones That Doesn't Match?

    Volume 5: Darwin's Wager; If A Simple Organism Exists That Defies Natural Selection, Then My Theory Is Wrong (The Flotilla Is One Celled But Operates Like A Multi-celled Organism--Ignore This At All Costs).

    Volume 6: First Ultimate BS: Creationism Can't Be True; Creationism is False.

    Volume7: Second Ultimate BS; U.S. Is A Non-Christian Nation (The Founders Didn't Even Know What Christianity Was)

    Volume 8: The Final Ultimate (???) BS: Atheism Can't Be A Religion Because It Hides Behind "Science" (Whatever Science Is).

    Volume9: When You Cannot Win, Report the Answers As Offensive

    Volume 10: Final Volume: Eliminate Christianity; Take Away the Rights of the Christians; (The Total Control of Open-minded "Scientists" Simply Seeking The Truth As Long As It Matches Their Pre-conceived Notions).

  • 1 decade ago

    Dear Chupa-cabra long-horn

    I think this has got to be the lamest attempt at humor I have ever seen. I am sorry I read it, as I lost a few brain cells.

    01-Actually, a lot of the early christians were trained in logic/speech and debate, courtesy of the greek-centric world.

    02-Cheap shots are not endemic to christianity.

    03-False information? The internet is a hotbed of false information, most of it having nothing to do with religion, so before you pull the splinter out of a christian's eye, pull the tree trunk out of YOUR eye.

    04-A good question (and evolutionists have given good answers), but a good question none the less, no matter how much you try to belittle it (I guess we should not question the theory of evolution and just blindly take their word for it - how scientific!!)

    05-I have yet to see someone on here refer to Pascal's Wager. But it's irrelevant, as you can't 'prove' the existence of god.

    06-Creationism may be false, but according to the scientific method, you can only disprove a theory, you cannot "prove" it.

    07-Although the united states was founded by christians, it was not founded on christian values (true christians would agree with this statement)

    08-Most people (including most christians) do not consider atheism a religion

    09-I have been blocked by people who didn't like my answers (atheists), even though I argue against the hypocrisy of both atheists and christians

    10-Many christians actually believe in the separation of church and state (render unto caesar the things that are caesars, and render unto god the things that are god's)

    I was not offended in the least by the anti-christian tone (many of them deserve it), I was more offended by the ignorance of your so called "parody".

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well, I found it funny, considering I belong to neither of the groups mentioned. But it is quite true, as Christians constantly bring up vols. 4 and 5. The real question is when will Christians realize that we evolved from APES not monkeys.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The problems with this is that (a) most people do not understand satire, (b) there might actually be something this stupid out there and (c) this forum does not cater well to humor

  • 1 decade ago

    war no. stupidity yes get a grip atheists are Gods children also. Going to heaven probly not but His Creation yes. So stop trash talking and start doing Gods will and pray for them to find the truth.

  • 1 decade ago

    i get reported, deleted, and robbed from my points for begging all the religions / non religions to agree to disagree, and pray for an end to all the bickering. but things like this don't get reported. i'll never see the logic.

  • 4 years ago

    Actually, God does not call us to "argue" with a non-Christian. The only people we are called on to question their sin in another believer and should be of the church. (Remember, you are not even to come at God's people; not that the one's you are referring to are God's people, but they might one day be....right?) But we are not to come at others with hate or revenge on our hearts. That is also called "hardening your heart." We should come in humility and not arrogance! Right? If I'm wrong here please correct me, but I think you'll find that no matter who you confront, you should only be trying to steer them closer to God.............NOT AWAY FROM HIM! Amen!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is the greatest book ever. I think it will last 2000 years. Oh wait it already has.

  • 1 decade ago

    war is gay

    we aren't supposed to be fighting we should be helping...drrr

    oh and btw yall are smelly

    especailly the guy that answered before me

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