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In Central Hudson Gas and Elec. v. Public Service Comm. of N.Y., where the state told the power company it?

could not advertise the sale of electricity because it violated public policy to conserve energy, the Supreme Court held that:

a. the restriction was reasonable because of the public policy concern of saving energy; otherwise it probably would not have been constitutional.

b. the restriction was reasonable because the power company is "closely regulated."

c. the restriction was reasonable because the power company users were forced to pay for the speech that many did not want.

d. the restriction was unconstitutional as it was too broad.

I read the passage a bunch and still cannot find the answer. Pleas help. THanks

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  • 1 decade ago
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    They set out a four part test for future cases, which must be applicable for the State to be allowed to regulate commercial speech.


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  • 4 years ago

    The generation of electrical power on a countrywide scale is a trillion dollar per year business. Some of that electrical power is generated by the use of natural gas,many more companies rely on other types of fast burning fuels,such as coal and diesel. Now although these systems are quite outdated and need to be replaced by far more cleaner burning efficient technologies. Doing that would only cut their quarterly profits, making it cheaper to the consumer will always be unacceptable to them. Obviously,water bills have also double in recent years for the simple fact of that supply and demand. I visited a water treatment plant a few years back and they had a slogan that was clearly visible on a large wooden sign. it read: "What you flush today, you drink tomorrow" Unfortunately water treatment plants are finding it increasingly difficult if not impossible to remove certain industrial chemical wastes from our limited supply of drinking water. It the law of economics. which states? The harder it is to filter the cities water supply the more expensive that finished product is going to become. So once again it's a question of (supply and demand) Primarily that's where these companies get that power from,and unfortunately for us, they will keep a large portion of that power as long as consumers continue to disregard the environment around them. By taking everything for granted and chasing after big cash generating falsehoods such as that global warming hysteria and a possible asteroid impact in the near future.

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