Moving from America to Australia?

I am considering taking a short term (4 months) job in Sydney Australia and I was wondering if anyone had any comments or suggests on culture, money, language, behavior, etc. that would be helpful for an American moving there. Thanks a lot!


lol i know they speak english! but its australian english as opposed to american english. as far as im concerned going from southern united states to the northern united states is a language barrier.

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    I'm from California and live in Sydney, the only big differences you will really notice is Australian people aren't fundamentally twisted by religion, psychosexually morally twisted by puritan mentality, bigoted racists or politically opinionated. All people in Australia are Australians regardless of which race, color, sexual orientation, disability or beliefs. All people are treated equal and share the same human rights as each other with our anti discrimination laws for all people. You'll also find that Australian Television is a hundred times better than in the US being it's not modified. All the usual shows you'd see back home are on here. Australian money is colored currency not like the green back. You'll feel totally home here immediately without the invisible ball and chain we wear back home also you'll make a lot of new mates as Australians are very down to earth and you'll pick up the Aussie slang in a month. If you don't understand something just ask anyone they will tell you also instead of asking where is the bathroom is when your out ask where the Ladies or Gents "Loos" are. What I really did miss being here in Australia is "American Candy" well I found a US candy store where you can buy root beer, cherry cola, and all the US candy you can think of so you'll never feel homesick or have to get a care package sent from home. It's downstairs in the food court in Myer Pitt Street. There's Taco Bell, Hungry Jacks, Mc Donalds, Burger King, KFC,Subways, Wendy's, Crispy Cream, Gloria Jeans, Starbucks etc here. You'll find Sydney being very much like New York City except laid back instead of the Rockefeller center here in Sydney they call it Martin Place. You'll find you can get anywhere you want to go to by the train, bus, ferry, monorail, tram buses or water taxi. There is no crime, guns, gangs, and the streets are safe to walk anytime. Sydney is 24/7 so if you wanted to go out anytime you can to get something to eat or drink work out at the gym or whatever you want to do. If you want to go to the movies go on a Tuesday it's half price. All Americans who come here never want to leave. Many very well known American actors and recording artists live here. So you'll see them walking along the street and nobody bothers them. On Australian beaches most all women are topless and Australian guy's mostly wear speedos (Australian Swimwear), same at all the public, spas and swimming pools. Australian people dress smart casual, so you would look totally out of place if your wearing a suit, tie and shoes and socks all of the time. All pubs in Sydney have slot machines (Poker Machines). You'll discover prostitution is legal in NSW. Children here still all go outside and play. Plus everyone is very sports minded or are a member of a sporting club or team. Australians mostly like to spend time outdoors or being social with there mates. You will find many Australians have male and female mates and are very open minded on talking about what is seen as taboo subjects in the US like sex or personal problems. So never be shy to ask any question as Australians aren't politically correct You will find everyone you meet are very educated and well mannered, even the all the Australian kids. The legal drinking age here is 18 and you are classified as being an adult. So you will find people here are very mature open minded in behavior and attitude. Aussies pronounced "OZZY" have more freedoms here than in the US also they all have a very standard of living, unseen in the US which they never materialistally brag about it or have a class system.This is my own personal observation since migrating here. Well if you just remember to never pick up a snake or spider, you'll love it here. When you get here get yourself a medicare card from the Medicare office near Town Hall station. The tax office is only a block away in College street near Museum station to get a tax file number. Ask anyone where the Medicare and tax offices are, after three months you can get free medical treatment at any hospital or bulk billing doctor. Mate take the opportunity and come to OZ.The only problem would be is you'll never want to leave.Here's a couple of links to Australian Slang and other general basic information.

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    Americans Moving To Australia

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    dont worry about the language barrier.

    But be aware, here in Australia, some of us do find it hard to puck up the Southern USA accent at first, but after a while, we wont even notice the it will only be a challenge when meeting people first up...only last a few days (the mis-understnading) I know an american who has been living here for 20 years nd still doesnt sound like an aussie at all so dont be fooled thinking that going home, you will sound different.

    Money is the Australian Dollar. We have 5, 10, 20, 50 cents coins with 1 and 2 dollar coins with 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 dollar 'notes'

    Culture. Austrlai is very mulitcultrial. You will fins a lot of Asian influece in, Sydney isnt like an asian city but you will find many asian resteraunts as well as europien and middle eastern meals. We also do have KFC, Mc Donalds and Burger king here...but Burger King is called 'Hungary Jack's' in Australia.

    Language....been discussed.

    Behaviour...I watch a lot of american shows and my dad has been there and he thinks that their USA behaviour is a lot like ours. We celebrate holidaies with a day off work (most people), booze, a BBQ and Sydney has a rich and tasteful night life...but watch out for drink spikers.

    its all good....make sure that you have the correct Visa application coming into the country, be truthful to customs and have different accsess to money such as cash, credit cheques can be time consuming and if you do open a bank account (which is a good suggestion from K-Bear), have a trustworth family member to have your Australian bank account details so they can supply emergency cash should something happen....but make sure that the bank details dont fall in the wrong hands!

    and renting houses are expensive....have a look at at houses that you can afford and reseach towns that are in your price range for some towns can be very rough!

    And will need an International Driving permit. Get this from your local motoring assocation. And dont forget that we drive on the left hand side of the road and the driver is on the right hand side of the car!!!

    Source(s): 1000 kilometers from Sydney and been there countless amount of times....know all the bits and pieces of aussie life
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    Moving from America to Australia?

    I am considering taking a short term (4 months) job in Sydney Australia and I was wondering if anyone had any comments or suggests on culture, money, language, behavior, etc. that would be helpful for an American moving there. Thanks a lot!

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    Anywhere in Australia would be my pick. I moved to Melbourne from Toronto Canada for 3 months and ended up staying 6 years! It's an experience and opportunity of a lifetime! Having said that, the cost of living in Australia compared to Canada is outrageous and I did have to take a considerable salary drop.........but it was still worth it if you're making enough money to pay for what you need.

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    Words of wisdom from an Aussie.

    Don't go into a pub and order a 4X Beer. It will mark you as a foreigner immediately, and it tastes like urine. Also don't order a 'shandy' (beer and lemonade) or your legitimacy as a human being will be questioned.

    If you are called a 'wowser' by the locals, that means you're a sissy or a wuss.

    On a more serious note, you'll find most Australians are very accepting of Americans. We understand you chaps a lot more than you understand us, because we're bombarded by your media constantly.

    We drive on the left side of the road. The age of legality is 18. Thongs in Australia are footwear -- you chaps call them flip flops. You need to be 18 to buy alcohol and cigarettes.

    Treat everyone like you would in America. We're all pretty much the same -- we all want what's best for our families, and to live a good life. Crime isn't the problem it is in the US, because we have anti-gun laws, but still be careful.

    Our dollar is worth about 87 US cents, so I'd hold out on conversion for a while. Also, fuel here is pretty expensive ($1.45 a litre) compared to the United States, so plan your travel carefully.

    See a travel agent and get some advice. They will be able to tell you specific things that are relevant to your situation, and give you advice about the particular area of Sydney you're moving to.

    Have fun in Australia!

    Edit: Mr Jones doesn't know what he's talking about. We don't idolise anyone, except for maybe Don Bradman and Phar Lap. Yeah, one of our greatest sporting identities is a horse! LOL

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    There are more places in Australia than Sydney... and As I have seen a whole lot of it.... If you want to come to e

    Holiday here then maybe you should consider other parts and really see OZ and the bush, I have been here for years and lived in the outback been to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne so far... I have also been to Conondale, Melany, and Koyuga and chinchilla and a town called texas... really folks I know It is great to say you have been to Australia but why REALLY SEE IT...

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