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What does "MDF" stand for on the PGATour leaderboard?

It's under all the guys who made the cut by one stroke.

Did they even play the 3rd round? I know the PGA changed the cut qualifications but WTF?!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    made cut did not finish

  • DRL
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    1 decade ago

    The "MDF" designation not only represents players that withdrew, but also players that made the cut, but then are cut for tournament sizing purposes. Here's a recent example from the recent Sony Open back in Nov.

    "In an effort to keep field sizes smaller, the PGA Tour Policy Board enacted a new rule: The top 70 and ties still make the cut. But if the cut exceeds 78 players, only the number nearest to 70 continues in the tournament.

    In the case of the Sony, there were 87 players who finished at even-par 140 or better. The nearest number to 70 was 69 players at 1-under (139 or better). So 18 players were credited with a made cut and paid $9,699.

    Of course, unlike others who made the cut, they did not have the opportunity to improve their position or perhaps even play to win the tournament. The fact that several players over the years have made the cut on the number and gone on to win is cause for some concern. So is the fact that many didn't know about the new rule (although they have only themselves to blame for that). "

    This was news to me, too. Hope it helped you.

  • 1 decade ago

    Made cut Did not Finish = MDF

    This is a hot topic among the PGA Tour players this past couple years. It is generally considered to be extremely bad form to make the cut, then not finish the tournament due to injury or illness (or because you are so far from the lead).

    By making the cut, you guarantee a paycheck. Some golfers who are fighting an injury will try to make the cut, then withdraw in to order to rest their injury. They will get a paycheck whether they finish or not.

    Most players view this as having taken a spot away from another player in the field (who missed the cut) who wanted to finish the tournament. Many players are of the opinion that you had better be VERY ill, or be risking a career ending injury to pull out of a tournament once the weekend starts.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Made Cut Did Not Finish

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