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Computer Bug!?

Is a bug the same as a virus? And what is the best free software to remove it?

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    The terms for different computer problems are thrown around and misused due to a lack of forced definitions. However, the most accurate terms from a technical perspective are:

    Bug: Issue which occurs in a program and causes it to malfunction or stop working completely.

    Virus: A computer program which spreads itself over the internet without users consent and has a malicious intent.

    Spyware: Programs gained mainly from P2P downloads and foolish internet browsing which monitor your computer and may record your keystrokes or images on screen.

    Adware: Programs which are automated and monitor your computer actions and generate pop-up ads based on your keystrokes or sites visited.

    Trojan Horses: Malicious programs which masquerade as benevolent programs in order to get inside your computer system and have a back door.

    Zombie Computers: A computer made to unknowingly to attack a certain single target en-masse with other zombie computers.

    As for software to defend yourself with, you want a firewall, an antivirus program, and for spyware/adware prevention I run firefox with customized add-ons. However, I would not rely on free programs.

    Get NOD32 Smart Security, which is a combination antivirus and firewall, off of the eset website. If you are hesitant to lay down money immediately, try out the 30 day trial. That covers your programs and is what I run myself. As for Firefox, as an added layer of security download Firefox and use the NoScript add-on.

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    No, a bug is not that same as a virus. A bug is a fault in the programming, a virus is a program specifically designed for a malicious purpose.

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    No its 2 different things. The besst software would be:

    That page should tell you all about it.

    If you have any questions contact

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