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Jim#1 50 Greatest Wrestler/Diva/Manager/Tag Team Heels Ever! Do you agree?

Note: This is going by their times as heels (ex: Hogan is best known as a babyface, but I will be judging his time in the n.W.o.)

50.Nikolai Volkoff

49.Big John Studd

48.Jim Cornette

47."Sensational" Sherri

46.Paul Ondorff

45.Randy Orton

44.Honky Tonk Man

43.The Dudley Boys


41."Cowboy" Bob Orton

40.Brian Pillman

39.Greg Valentine

38.Mr. Fuji

37.Ernie Ladd

36.The Midnight Express



33.Stan Hansen

32.The Fabulous Freebirds

31.The Sheik

30.Black Jack Mulligan

29.Fabulous Moolah

28.Rick Rude

27.The Funk Brothers

26."Mr. Perfect"

25.Chris Jericho

24.Jimmy Hart

23.Ivan Koloff

22.Grand Wizard

21.Iron Sheik

20.Randy Savage

19.Shane McMahon

18.Ted Dibiase

17.Jerry Lawler

16.Jesse Ventura

15.Gorgeous George (1940s)

14.The Rock

13.Kurt Angle

12."Hollywood" Hogan

11.Killer Kowalski

10.Harley Race

9.Bobby Hennan

8.Ric Flair

7.Freddie Blassie

6.Billy Graham

5.Buddy Rogers

4.Triple H

3.Mr. McMahon

2.Roddy Piper

1. Steve Austin

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    Great list, i really respect you for taking the time to do all these lists. I would have put CM Punk on this list, his stuff he did with IWA-Mid South was great as far as a heel goes and plus this guy signed his WWE contract on top of the ROH world tittle, THAT IS A HEEL MOVE IF I HAVE EVER SEEN ONE. For me i would put Vince first but again great list keep it up man!!

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  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I won't change your order too much, after the first two they are in no specific order for me...I just eliminated the bands I don't count in my top 50 The ones I would include I will post in CAPITAL very good list. 50. MOTORHEAD 49. ACCEPT 48. THIN LIZZY 47. MARILLION 46. ROB ZOMBIE 45. Blondie 44. ALICE IN CHAINS 43. Steely Dan 42. The Kinks 41. Kiss 40. Journey 39. BILLY IDOL 38. Soundgarden 37. Genesis 36. King Crimson 35. WISHBONE ASH 34. CCR 33. Roxy Music 32. FRANK ZAPPA AND THE MOTHERS 31. Santana 30. Jefferson Airplane 29. BLUE OYSTERCULT 28. DEPECHE MODE 27. Talking Heads 26. SCORPIONS 25. Lynard Skynard 24. Guns 'N Roses 23. The Eagles 22. JETHRO TULL 20. THE ROLLING STONES 19. Aerosmith 19. FLEETWOOD MAC 18. YES 17. DREAM THEATER 16. The Clash 15. Metallica 14. Van Halen 13. The Beatles 12. PORCUPINE TREE 11. CAMEL 10. The Doors 9. Black Sabbath 8. U2 7. Queen 6. URIAH HEEP 5. Pink Floyd 4. The Who 3. WHITESNAKE 2. DEEP PURPLE 1. PINK FLOYD

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    Missing some big ones but good list anyway. I wondering where Bruno Samartino, Bob Backlund and Andre the Giant are. we are talking about 2 guys who have had the belt for a total of 30 years and the 3rd guy never lost. There are a lot of people that could go either way. And hell, there may be 50 Von Eric brothers and cousins to add too. Oh well Good list!

  • 1 decade ago

    I would say that is pretty close to what I would have said but I would move a couple people around.

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  • Tyler
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    1 decade ago

    Where's The Deadman? That's my only problem.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I'd make some changes but it's pretty good.

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    agreed homeboi

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