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Can somebody recommend an Asian food place in NYC that's somewhat Americanized like PF Changs?

I'm not really into authentic Chinese food. Can anybody recommend an Asian food restaurant in NYC that's somewhat Americanized like PF Changs?

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    shun lee cafe near lincoln center

    43 W 65th St

    see the menu if it suits your taste

    shun lee actually has 3 restaurants, but the cafe is supposed to be the less expensive one.

    btw, shun lee is the place where they invented general tso chicken, but not as the gloppy sauce filled version we know today, the original version the owner started making was just deep fried chicken.

    the owner mixed boneless chicken with one egg white, then rolled it in flour. then he deep fried it until golden brown. drain.

    add 1.5 tablespoon of sauce (crushed garlic, 2.5 tablespoon soy sauce, scallions, tablespoon of wine, tablespoon of vinegar) into oiled wok, briefly stir fry the sauce, then serve.

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    The overwhelming majority of the Chinese Restaurants in NYC have a menu similar to what you want.

    Few folks realize that 'authentic' Chinese food is a very different menu. It was not until I dated a woman from Shanghai did I learn the difference and it is completely unrecognizable.

    Feel comfortable that if you choose a Chinese restaurant with good online reviews, you will recognize what is on the menu and enjoy your meal.

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    you would be Asian AND born in Europe. (Her mothers and fathers/grandparents/great-grandparents would desire to've been born in Asia) Asian continues to be your historic past, regardless of the place you're bodily dwelling. Or did you pick Cho Chang to be thoroughly non-English speaking?

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    Mr. Chow's

    324 E.57th

    PF Chang got the idea from them!

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    There is an Asian sushi place on 8th Avenue, but I would not recommend it.

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