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Comparison Funds that track TSP Funds?

TSP Funds aren't listed like normal traded Mutual Funds; so it's often difficult to get comparative information for them. What funds do the TSP I Fund, S Fund, and L-series Funds track?

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    You can track most of these funds directly at the site. Try cutting and pasting the link below into your browser.

    Quoting from the website:

    "You can track the F, C, S, and I Funds on a daily basis by going to the Returns & Share Prices page on this Web site. (You can see the status of the index that each fund tracks by looking at those indices in newspapers or on the Internet.)

    The F Fund tracks the Lehman Brothers U.S. Aggregate (LBA) index. Although most newspapers do not publish the daily LBA index values or returns, they can be found on the first inside news page of the Wall Street Journal's Money & Investing section. Information on returns is also published on the Lehman Brothers Web site at"

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    You must already know what the C Fund tracks--S&P 500.

    I Fund tracks the Morgan Stanley Internation Index (Europe, Asia, Australia, and Far East--abreviate EAFE) I do not know why the Far East is separated from Asia. The S fund tracks the Wilshire 4500 index--stocks that do not constitute the S&P 500. L-series is a Life cycle series that is made up of a combination of the other funds that changes as you become older. For young folks it is more heavily weighted towards equities. For older it is more heavily weighted towards fixed income.

    Here is a link to the fund descriptions

    Here are links to similar funds that track the same indexes so you can see relatively how they have performed in the past.

    The Fund that should track closely the I Fund would be is EFA.

    Here is a link to it

    The fund that should track the S fund is Fidelity Extended Market Index FSEMX.

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