how much more will it take before Americans turn against its Government?

I am certain it will happen! The corruption in this country is not even being hidden anymore. I was in Herford NC a while back and saw a police officer exchanging money with a known drug dealer in the street. Our Police and local government leaders wont even take your calls if you need help. President Bush has been pushing our men to fight his war for oil and politics not freedom. As a matter of fact I am less free now than ever. How much is it going to take befor our passive people wake up and say i am going to do something about it. It is like our constitution meant nothing anymore. It means something to me!


Real grave digger- hum approate for some one whos proud of dear ol dad for making our country what it is today!!! Boy I woulnt post that. What our country is today is corupt but maybe thats why you are proud. I love what america was not what it is. It once meant freedom now freedom is surpressed by the laws. I cant build on my property without permission I cant digg without permission I cant work without a license of some sort which requires much money in most cases. If I drive I have to pay outragous fees to an insurance company who offers mee little in return. I pay more for taxes and insurance on my home than my mortgage Principle and intrest. The american dream was just that a dream. A dog house and three kids yea right. I have it all and the bills to prove it. You never own anything in this country you lease it from the government,, while you are living. Time are changing and people are tire of working and not having sh*t to show for it. Small man cant get ahead.

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    I totally agree with you, and I have been wondering the very same thing myself. What will it take for the masses to wake up? Some people are waking up, and that of course is encouraging, but I am afraid that it might not be enough, or soon enough. That really frightens me. I am doing the best I can to speak out, but I am only one person. It will really take a majority of us to do the job, and there isn't really very much time. Your question is excellent, and I thank you for posting it. *sm*

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    well both political parties are showing signs of their distaste with the country. there is ron paul in the GOP who amassed a HUGE following with his extreme conservitive ideas, and the dems are getting even CRAZIER. the two frontrunners on the left are pretty openly socialists, obama supports many handouts to the poor, and hillary's only discussion of issues thus far in this election is "free health care for the poor". the gap in the country between left and right has gotten even bigger.

    this is by no means the first time we have moved in a devided direction towards socialism and extreme conservatism, but it definatly could be the last. every other time something has brought us back together, if we do not get that bump there is a possibility of revolution on the basis of social change.

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    I am in Prince Albert Saskatchewan.But am a landed immigrant in the States.

    I have three children born there and living there.

    The answer lies with you...the wonderful people of that great nation....Canada is in no better shape...but a large grassrots movement has beenrolling for more than 25 years.

    Source(s): see movie...Why we fight. and take an honest lok at none of these are related...but all tie together and offer viable solutions.......and the truth.
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    As most historian's will verify, America is at the high end of the spectrum when it comes to being the world's "Great power".

    The Dutch, the English, the French and the Spanish all felt their reign would never end, and so do we.

    In America today, we do not look to our police as protector's we look at them in fear. We do not look to our politician's with respect, we loath them. We don't look to our court's for justice, we see them as an extension of the I.R.S. collecting taxes called "Fines".

    The poisoning of the well began with a cross dressing F.B.I. Director, the C.I.A. who allows considered itself above the Law, and a commie baiting drunken Congressman who was the hero of the father of hate in our Country, Ronny Raygun who by 2020 will see 100 million people around the world dead of AIDS because he was ashamed of his son.

    I don't think there's going to be a shooting revolution that destroys America, I think that like the Soviet Union, it will simply go broke and fall apart.

    That's too bad in my opinion, I would really like to lob a few mortar's at the Gestapo before they all walk away from their patrol cars and crawl back into the woodwork.

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    The government may have given us a reason to turn against it. But I think the liberal courts who are making laws, instead of interpreting the constitution, are the ones who are wrecking this country and making people lose faith in the constitution. Your opinion about the country turning against the government does indeed have a great deal of merit.

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    100,000 mercenaries said to be in Iraq. Maybe The U.S.A. will become an exporter of mercenaries in U.S.A. where warfare is privatized totally. In end maybe Iraq War will be fought by mercenaries when regular troops pull out. Maybe one police force trained by Black Water becomes part of Black Water a Mercenary Police Force

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    Aside from haveing some of the stupidest laws,I really dont feel our government is that bad.Esspecially when you look at other governments.There are plenty of time I look around and say "our government is so dumb" but then again,it could be worse!

    As far as our constitution goes,I think it needs a little updateing since it was wrote hundred yrs ago.

    But when it comes down to it,our government may make us mad at times,but it could be worse.. As far as over throwing our government,I dont see that happening..There are plenty of dumb federal laws that we need to get rid of,but even if our laws stay as is,Im still glad to live in usa and be american...I love our country,always will,my dad and father in law both protected our country to keep it how it is now,god bless america

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    Our country has the same traits right now as the Roman Empire right before it fell.

    Sit back and enjoy the ride---it's pathetic. All people care about is the "cash and the money"...get a frickin education!!!

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    About another 10 percent more tax stole from our paychecks should do it. National health care will do it. The end of American socialism.

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    November the gop is toast after bushwhacking as for individual police corruption that will alwats exist but i think its less common now and is a tiny percentage of police officers

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