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Public transportation is poor in US?

Think abou it, this is one of best way to resuce US economy, US has very bad public transportation system, think aobut Japan and China how they grow, public work is main key.

If our government will give funding for public work, that will stimulate whole economy, drop interest rate will help? Need your comment.

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    yes public transportation in the US is mostly pretty bad (there are exceptions in such cities as NY). this is due to the politics of our economy: after WWII the government got all excited about interstate highways and consumers got on board, buying cars like there was no tomorrow. we've been an auto culture ever since, and public transportation is costlier to build in an overbuilt urban area. there is still investment but after construction public transportation doesn't pay for itself and has to be subsidized by our taxes.

    As for economy: the govt can fund public works but would have to borrow money to avoid raising taxes -- Americans hate to pay taxes in case you haven't noticed. There is simply not enough money in the budget to fund everything that people think we deserve, and much of the budget goes to humongous interest payments on outstanding debt. Stimulation of the economy is possible, or they should perhaps just let it run its course and make people sweat it out. We don't handle money at all well.

    You live in an economy the relies on the government that funds more things for the people and ours is more capitalistic -- we expect things to be profitable or at least cover costs.

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    You're right. During Franklin D. Roosevelt's presidency there were several public work programs meant to provide employment during the Great Depression. As this meant more money for the populace to utilize, consumption did increase considerably, dropping the unemployment rate nearly 10%. Some public works projects, other than just providing temporary employment and acting as economic stimulants, can actually contain long term benefits.

    For example, as you mentioned, if we can improve the national transportation system such that people can get to their jobs for less and corporations don't pay as much for the transportation of their products, more money is conserved. This, in turn, translates into more available money. More money means more consumption in the domestic economy and more investment, a crucial factor in expanding the economy's production capacities.

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    money talks. the base line is to make it greater value-useful and handy for individuals to take public transportation than that's to tension your very own vehicle. till then, that's all a sturdy thought long previous nowhere. The intense gas expenditures in Europe are the two a reason and results of sturdy public transportation structures. I grew up on the West Coast, which became a community developed and settled regularly interior the booming vehicle era the place gas and land have been affordable. subsequently, cities took on an city sprawl that grew horizontally somewhat than vertically as maximum cities on the East Coast that developed and have been settled regularly interior the horse and buggy era. maximum public transportations right here have in uncomplicated terms some strains, are not properly funded or patronized, and don't have countless stops the place people desire to pass. while it value $one hundred fifty to replenish your tank interior the US, you may wager which you will see investment in buses and gentle-weight rails.

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    A stimulus to work must have the money spent with in months and construction project require time for planning and for public transport even longer because they have to obtain right of ways.

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