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do you know anyone with a last name of a food color or animal?

do you know anyone with a last name of a food color or animal?

if so, what is it??

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    I know people with the following last names:

    food: Lemon, Salmon, Wheat, Rice, Butters, Berry, Bean, and Fish

    color: White, Black, Brown, Redd, Green, Forest (shade of green), Gold, Grey, Ivory, Kelly (shade of green), Lemon 9shade of yellow), Rose, and Salmon

    animal: Gull, Bird, Crane, Jay, Lyon, Martin, Robins, Salmon, Fish, Wolf, and Seal

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    First, those individuals with the last name of an animal:

    ---American polar explorer, Richard Byrd, of the Virginia Byrds (a First Family of Virginia)

    ---American literary critic, Stanley Fish

    ---Lord Byron's lover, Lady Caroline Lamb

    ---British General during the French and Indian War, James Wolfe

    ---Canadian actor, Michael J. Fox

    Now for people with the last name of a color:

    ---Of Black's Law Dictionary fame, Henry Campbell Black

    ---the current British Prime Minister, Gordon Brown

    ---American General, Norman Schwarzkopf (literally "black head")

    ---American Supreme Justice, Byron White

    P. S. Personally, I can think of only three people: Mr. Greene, my 9th grade math teacher, the late Dr. Berry, who was my family's GP for many years, and the late Dr. Brown, the doctor who delivered me.

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    Alyah Erin Parker

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    Mr and Mrs. brown

    Mrs. white

    Mr. bean

    Mr. catz

    whats worse if the group of dr.s I had the were addressed as

    Dr. Dickey

    Dr. Reemer and Dr. benderoff all in the same clinic.

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    The last name from my first marriage was Beers. Not exactly a food ... but he sure drank it a lot. I think his ancestors must have been alcoholics!

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    White, Green, Fox, Wolf, Bird, Brown, Black, Bear, and the list goes on...

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    My great-grandparents surname was Greene.

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    food- pare (pear), wheat,

    color- black, white, green

    animal - robins, cat

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