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Can Corruption Be Saved?

If someone believes they are corrupted to the core, can they still be saved or are they a lost cause?


What if that person prefers corruption over salvation, what if they see it as more amusing.

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    You need to be careful of your words. Corruption indicates rottenness. This can not be undone.

    Try to look at a rotten fruit, there is nothing to save. Some people have gone onto the wrong path -- such as Paul had.

    However, when they are made aware of their mistake and their serious sin, they change their ways. This is not corruption, this is taking the wrong road. The wrong road may be very wrong, but so was Paul's road, and he did change once he was made aware of his sin.

    Others can too if they haven't become corrupted. Corruption implies an exact knowledge of wrongdoing and a choice of still persisting in this for selfish reason. Such can not be saved.

  • Anonymous
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    If someone has the capacity to think they are corrupt, they believe that they are "bad". Either they don't care and continue their life that way or they will feel guilt which will lead to finding resolution. Some may find it in God, but others will just go "geez I'm a bastard", stop being one and continue on being a better person.

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    ~~~ kntf ,,,EVERY-thing is contingent on the Conviction of The Belief. In this case a Self Fulfilling Prophecy. A downward spiral of Low Self Esteem and Lack of Will.

    ~ Namaste`

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    in short NO because we are so divide and so self centered that corruption will always exist now if we shot the guilty parties in public one week after they were found guilty ........ oh wait that sysem would be corrupted.... the only effective way to end corruption is to disallow power all together

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    They can be saved if they come to Christ. God moves inside that persons heart and does a cleansing changing that persons life. We are helpless by ourselves, only God can help us be what we should be. Is God drawing you into this matter?

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    they can be saved, Look at Paul who murdered Christians!

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