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what does the idiom "sponge off" mean?

Hi just wanna know the meaning of this. It's our homework but i could only find the verb meaning. I need the idiom.Please help

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    To get something of somebody else, for nothing.

    To sponge off your mates, family or your friends.

    e.g. to stay at a friends place for a few days and not help with the expenses.

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    Sponge Off

  • To not pay your fair share - but to let others pay for you.

    2 examples:

    In the UK some people "sponge off" the state rather than get jobs.

    Even though she has a well paid job she still "sponges off" her parents.

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    The "threshold" and "ball and chain" both refer to marriage. Traditionally, the groom carries the bride across the threshold. One's spouse has long been referred to as a "ball and chain", and you can see this reference in wedding paraphernalia that has a ball and chain motif. In this case, the author states that he is trying to avoid marriage, seeing it as a pitfall, and obstacle to that which he desires, a life not tame.

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    Sponge off - impose on another's hospitality or generosity

    v. live off somebody without paying for rent, food, or other costs

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    It means you have a chain attached with a ball(usually a heavy metal ball) and you are dragging it around. The words mean, he has decide that he will not simply stand there and let someone chain him like others do. He will not grow up tame, meaning he will fight wildly against it.

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    if you "sponge off" someone, you take all their money. Say if your husband works, and you don't but you spend all of their money, you're sponging off of them. Hope I helped!

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    not work and live off someone else's money. Soak them until its all gone.

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