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慧貞 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

用單字 完成英文作文

可以幫忙用中國新年的英文單字 ,完成一篇英文作文






口 Chinese New Year 中國新年

口 lucky money 壓歲錢

口 the lion dance 舞獅

口 stay up all night 守歲

口 hot pot 火鍋

口 Chinese New Year’s Eve 除夕

口 set off firecrackers 放鞭炮

口 new clothes 新衣服

口 dragon 龍

口 clean up 大掃除

口 red envelope 紅包

口 put red couplets 貼春聯

口 worship the ancestors 祭祖

口 New Year’s Eve dinner 年夜飯

口 family reunion 團圓


拜託了 !...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I want to tell you about Chinese New Year which is the most important festival for the Chinese people and it is also my favorite holiday. On New Year's Eve all family members have a family reunion and have New Year's Eve dinner together and after dinner the children play games while adults chat and we stay up all night. On New Year's day people will put red couplets on the wall and worship the ancestors and wish they can bless us to have a good and successfully year. After that, people will set off firecrackers for welcoming the new year. For most of the children the happiest thing is to receive a red envelop from our elders and there is always some lucky money inside which means once we have the money we have to grow up one year old and be more familiar with human affairs.

    我想要跟你介紹中國新年 對華人來說 是最重要的一個節慶 同時也是我最喜歡的假日

    再除夕當天 所有的家庭成員會團聚在一起吃年夜飯

    晚餐過後 小孩子們一起玩遊戲 大人們會一起聊天 然後大家一起守歲

    在新年當天 人們會春聯在牆上 然後會祭祖

    在這之後 人們會放鞭炮來迎接新的一年







    必須要長大一歲 然後更懂得做人處世的道理


    1. Chinese New Year

    2. Chinese New Year's Eve

    3. Family reunion

    4. New Year's Eve dinner

    5. Stay up all night

    6. Put red couples

    7. Worship the ancestors

    8. Set off firecrackers

    9. Red envelopes

    10. Lucky money



    有問題的話 可以在問我喔

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  • 1 decade ago

    All children like the Chinese New Year. They can wear new clothes and get red envelopes with money in them after they eat the New Year’s Eve dinner. To celebrate the Chinese New Year, people put red couplets on the doors and set off firecrackers. And the Chinese usually worship their ancestors on the New Year’s Eve as a way of remembering their ancestors. Besides, the Chinese have the custom of staying up late to wish their elders long life. Most important of all, the Chinese New Year is a big day of family reunion.

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