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I love doing these. Just put a random phrase... I just thought of one: My left eyebrow's name is Baldwin. Like that. Randomest answer gets 10 points. =D


ooooh there are a lot of good answers. =0 i love asking questions like this. and answering them, too.

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    i have no time for your nonsense. i have to go make that chiropractor a sandwich before he hangs my fish

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    I used Flavored Condom that was Used by Wee man and A Potato Chip that resembles Jerry springer . 2. peanut? Well I am so glad U asked. Well.. I was walking thru the park 1 day in the merry merry month of may. when I was took-en by surprise and then I realized That A big A$$ Elephant was Throwing Peanuts my way. I turned around and said "Hey U EFFIN Elephant what the F**k u doing " Well of course u can imagine what he said... That's right .. nothing... Peanuts get me angry now. 3..Spoon? Why Are U propositioning me you naughty naughty thing..... I only spoon with my husband and my dog haha.. As For sporks go? Forget that... Sporks are a horrible invention... Look.. Its not that hard to switch from a fork to a spoon.. 4. What am I listening too? Well..If u can keep a secret Me and my husband Killed Someone an hour ago and I can hear him in the basement tearing down the wall so he can stick the body in there.. I told him that I didn't want to get my nails dirty.. I mean.. I just got them done.. He is so silly sometimes. 5. Dragons and Ninjas hugh?... Ok.. I was at the mall yesterday and I saw there was a new store that opened up I went Inside and I noticed that there were dragons all around... Not real ones of course but sculptures and pictures and trinkets. I was so excited!.. I bought A glass table with A dragon underneath holding it up and dragon Book ends.. As I was going to the check out 5 Ninjas came up to me and told me They liked my purchases.. I said ty and asked if they would like to come over and have some tea.. They said Sure. So they are coming over tomorrow. 6. Well That Is easy.. I can't believe u would even ask why!!!!... Because she is Cooking Naked and She is hot. She told you that she wants 1 on 1 and to touch her buns and that she feels like her body temp is 42degrees and she wants u to make her Red Hot. She is not mechanical like a robot she is crazy.....

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    Well once upon a time in land far away there was a kingdom. The kingdom was ruled by King Malarky. He was a lonely king and wanted to have a friend. He called to all four edges of Fosrodaia, thats the kingdom, to find a wizard. Then one day Sir.NotReliventtothesoryalot found a wizard. The wizards name was BOB. BOB made many friends for him. An aglet, pants, even the word swag. Nothing worked until all of a sudden the king breathed in a heavy breath and chocked to death. Then the wizard BOB made air.

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    Ok i shall ask a random question and you give me a random answer that has a slight signifagance to what i asked. After the first question is answered then i shall add additional details that another questio . if you want to answer that question too then just edit post and put your answer under the other one. the 10 pts goes to the person with most random answers.

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    This Site Might Help You.


    Random Answers?

    I love doing these. Just put a random phrase... I just thought of one: My left eyebrow's name is Baldwin. Like that. Randomest answer gets 10 points. =D

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    just doing this for random answers

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    A Crime Scene

    There's been a murder,

    a woman was killed,

    found in a bathtub,

    partially filled.

    A pair of policemen

    went into the house

    and thoroughly questioned

    the poor woman's spouse.

    He'd just come home

    from working all night

    and found her like that,

    a terrible sight.

    The younger policeman

    looked on with dismay.

    He'd never forget

    that terrible day.

    He saw the young woman

    from behind the door

    and empty milk cartons

    all over the floor,

    scattered strawberries,

    slices of fruit,

    and spoonfuls of sugar

    and honey to boot.

    "Who could have done

    this terrible thing?"

    His voice had a horrified,

    pitiful ring.

    "Just look at the clues,"

    replied Sargent Miller.

    "It looks like the work

    of a cereal killer."

    Copyright; Albert Van Hoogmoed

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    Viva La Raza

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    1 decade ago

    Squeeze the squeegee OVER the mantis, Rebecca, before the Polizei come and feed us all to Jabba the Hut!

    *smiles sweetly*

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    The telephone box ran down the street wearing a yellow top hat and racoon skin suit. Fortunately it called itself Johnathon on a Wednesday just to upset the green giraffes on the ceiling.....which would obviously prevent warring factions of giraffes from ever resuming the full intensity of the 1975 battle of Hamster Village.

    It was when Johnathon tripped over a pink micro-elephant that he fell and turned in to a sea lion and decided to change his name to Wensley.

    The lobsters and the leprechauns gave him a standing ovation.

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