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is there a website where i can create a free site with no ads?

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    I found these on a website in which they've searched for the best free webhosting websites with no banners.

    - - (The best free website picked by researchers) Very professional, it prodives all of this:

    50 MB Free Web Hosting

    » Free UNLIMITED Traffic

    » Free Domain Hosting

    » Free Subdomain Hosting

    » Free DNS Server

    » Free FTP Hosting Account

    » Free POP3 Email Account

    » Instant Account SetUp

    » Web Based File Manager

    » Easy to use Control Panel

    » Reliable RAID Backups

    » Stable Hosting Platform

    » Super Fast Servers

    » Reliable Data Center

    » Ultra Fast Network

    » 99.8% Uptime Guarantee

    » 24x7 Network Monitoring

    » Host Unlimited Web Sites



    - -! If you want to use HTML, Java or CSS to creat your website, try this then. it provides:

    Totally FREE - NO ADS

    60 MB Free Hosting

    1 Free E-mail Address

    1 Free FTP Account

    Web-based File Manager

    Intergrated HTML Editor


    BANDWIDTH: Unlimited

    - - If you need PHP support and a MySQL database for your website.


    Absolutely FREE

    No setup fee

    Data storage: 250 MB

    Monthly bandwidth: 5 GB

    Customer Support

    Free 24/7 technical support

    Detailed video tutorials

    Extensive documentation

    Integrated ticketing system

    Response time: 24 hours

    Domains and Subdomains

    Hosting for 2 domain

    10 subdomains

    Free Features

    Elefante free scripts (?)

    FrontPage Extensions

    Site Statistics

    Detailed bandwidth stats

    E-mail Features

    3 POP3 accounts

    3 Email aliases

    SpamAssassin protection

    E-mail filters

    Webmail service

    POP3 access/no SMTP

    "Catch-all" e-mails

    Scripting and Database

    1 MySQL database

    10 MB MySQL DB space

    Perl enabled

    PHP enabled


    Over 3,000 Perl modules

    Site Management Tools

    Advanced Control Panel

    Multi-lingual control panel

    1 FTP account

    Web-based file manager

    Misc Features

    Instant account activation

    SSL with certificate gen

    SSI (Server Side Includes)

    RAID secured data storage

    Easy upgrade options

    Custom 404 error page

    OS and Backup

    Stable Linux with Apache

    UPS & diesel generator

    Minimum Server Configuration

    Dual P4 XEON 2.8/1GB RAM

    2x160GB HDDs in RAID

    100 MBits conn. per server

    320 GBits data center conn.

    99.9% uptime guarantee

    Extra websites i've found:

    - -

    They dont want money, they just want you to post on their forum

    This website has a LIMITED offer: Limited Time Offer

    High velocity web hosting!

    $0.00 / month

    1000mb space

    Unlimited Email accounts

    Unlimited FTP accounts

    Unlimited Domains

    15 Gb Transfer!

    - - Another website with 1 GB Bandwidth:

    - - An easy website builder:

    -- 100% free webhosting,

    it provides the following:

    Free 5 MB disk space ( Enough to store hundreds of website pages! )

    Free unmetered hits ( Get as many hits as your website can get! )

    Free private website address ( )

    Free web based File Manager access

    Free email support

    Support SSI ( Server Side Include )

    Does Not support CGI, Perl, PHP, MySQL & others advanced features

  • Theres many of them, just type in Free Web Hosting in Yahoo, or Google.

    I'll list off a few for you. (Wouldn't suggest this unless you just want a really basic website)

    .... Many more.. Just do a search.

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    You can try

    This site provides free web hosting service without forced ads.

    I used it storing my forum for few months and I never see any problem like server down, slow down, etc...

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    try this site. you will need some ID and a fax

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    yep freewebs . com

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